Jun 13, 2007

holy crap, he's at it again.

stop me if i've told you this before...

a few years ago, the Big Boss asked me to give a presentation on my job, what i do, and how what the ad designers do (and don't do) effect me every day.

no problem. i can yak up a storm.

after my spiel, i asked if anyone had any questions. and, from the back of the room, a hand popped up, and here was the question:

"yeah, what's your real hair color?"

ha. ha. very funny. so funny i forgot to laugh.

this guy (yes, it's a guy) really has the mannerisms of a clod of dirt. he thinks he's being funny, and seven times out of ten, no - he's not. what he says is not always (or intended to be) hurtful.

he's just an idiot.

well - he's done it again.

checking my work email this a.m., and i see he sent me something after i left work last night. it's entitled "the UNemployable"

and the first line, direct from his own fingers... "this is going to be you in a couple of years!"

not a threat, kids...it's pictures. of people. with lotsa piercings. through the chin, the tongue, the eyebrows...


the funny thing is, despite my current PMS status, i'm not angry. i'm just hurt.
a little sensitive, i know, but why he thinks things like this is funny, and to make the jokes at others expense, well...

the pictures, in case you were wondering, really were gross. and ew, not something you should be sending through company email.

and not something to send to a chick with a nose piercing, dyed hair and PMS.


Steff said...

You want me to kick this guy's butt? Cause I will! lol :)

What a jerk! You certainly shouldn't waste time or thoughts on this guy. Unless you've died your hair purple or green I wouldn't be too concerned...people dye their hair every day. And looking at this picture on your blog that's a great shade on you! And I thought your nose ring was pretty tasteful compared to some that I've seen. There isn't any reason or excuse for people that belittle others in order to gain some personal satisfaction.

Kenny said...

I'll be the first to say it...WHATTA JERK! Jeez.

doodlebugmom said...

oh yeah? well I bet he has a small weinie!


smileymamaT said...

dumbass. Sometimes people just never, ever get it. He probably never will.

Allison said...

People these days... I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

Don't give him another thought; it's not worth ruining your day over!