Jun 5, 2007

opposites attract, right?

i have always been in touch with my inner hippie. much to my mother's chagrin.

now my mother is no shrinking violet. (obviously, if she raised me. but that's another post.) one day, she and her best friend, who, back in the 60's had the day before, joined the L.A.P.D., decided to drive up to Watts.

while the riots were going on.

hey. i said she wasn't a shrinking violet. i didn't say she was always smart.

but my mom, love her to death, has never really known what to do, or make, of me.

neither have i.

not enough of a rebel to be one, but not conservative enough to be one, either.

in other words, mediocre.

and that's OK.

now, where was i? oh yeah.

i guess i'm still enough of a rebel to have stopped caring what a lot of people think of me. like getting my nose pierced.

but over the weekend, it was the Husband's turn to do something different.

nope. no piercings. no ink.

he joined the NRA.

yep. the NRA.

they even gave him a hat.

but since opposites attract, i thought about what we could do for our Christmas cards this year.

me dressed as a hippie, with a flower wreath even. him with his rifle and NRA hat.
and maybe even a "Dick Chaney Shooting Club" shirt.


or am i?


Susie Q said...

You have GOT o send me one of those cards...: ) I will frame it!
I have had loads of fun catching up with you tonight...you just make me laugh out loud ya know. The cats are both laying here staring at me. I KNOW what they are thinking...they ALWAYS think that about me anyhoo.

I love ya...

Anonymous said...

OMG, woman, you crack me up! I just adore your writing style and everything. You so remind me a lot of me!

doodlebugmom said...

THe NRA has been calling my husband. One Saturday morning, I overheard what the guy on the other end was saying..."There are some liberals who are wanting to take away your rights...." I said in my best nagging voice. "Tell him you are married to one!" My hubby didn't joing tho, he hung up.

Oh I love the inner hippie in me too! Thanks for making me realize what it was!


Melissa said...

Did he get a "Charlton Heston is my President" bumper sticker? Ha ha!

Doug Bagley said...

Yeah, I want one of those cards too, LOL. I still have some "rebel hippie" in me too. But I think that's a good thing.Those were great times.

Jolene George said...

You....rebel hippie...nah...okay maybe a little. LOL!
My husband is a member of the NRA. You have lots and lots of junk mail in your future.

Valerie said...

y'know what? i'm oblivious to junk mail. the Husband sends mailings from his work to himself here at Casa. my world is one, big junk mail.