Jun 12, 2007

skipping the P altogether.

that would be the P in PMS. i'm going straight to the MS.

grrr. and sorry all two of my boy readers. you may want to change the channel now.

first you should know, i'm not usually crabby when Auntie Flo comes to call.
i cry. at everything.
Food Network? crying.
cat looking adorably at me? crying.
Hallmark commercial on tv? sobbing like a freak of nature. i produce so much liquid that i could create my own rain forest.

not now.
now i'm as mad as hell, and i have to grin and bear it.

yesterday, when i got home, after checking our messages, i found that the assistant manager for the complex - aka Sloshy, had called.
we call him that because you have to catch him before 11 am, or look for him spending time with Jack and Bud.

as in Daniels and Weiser.

he was letting us know the plumber was coming to fix a leaky pipe under Husband's sink.

oh happy day! this means i can get all the Husband's bathroom crap...er...accessories, out of the living room and back under his sink.

i head on in his bathroom and the first thing i notice is that our bath mat is in his sink.
and it's sopping wet.

interesting. so i checked Husband's bath towel and hand towel. nope. dry.

well, OK. one thing wet ain't too bad. i hang it up and walk out. past my towel. my wet towel.

what th'?!

now remember: i've skipped the P and headed straight into MSland. and woe be unto those that must face my wrath.
in this case, it's our assistant manager.

so what's the deal, i say. they can make a mess of water and use my towels to clean up after themselves? and not even leave a freaking note?! and now i've got to do laundry and they're not even going to leave a note?!

he just stared at me from within Budland.

i know. completely unreasonable. and so not my usual reaction. but with the crap going on at work (i keep telling myself just a few more days, a few more days and THE BOSS COMES BACK!!!) between the usual stuff to deal with and people i need to document every mistake they make (some people are on corrective counseling...a step we use to document everything we and they do so if they are fired, we have a good case to protect ourselves), having a temporary worker released (because she kept coming in late and not making up her time), planning a shower (and trying to get money out of people - don't get me started on some people who won't tell me if they're planning on participating or not) and trying to not get mad/hurt at people in the group who constantly go to other supervisors to ask for days off instead of asking me...

is that the longest paragraph ever? yikes.

unreasonable. that's me lately.

i was telling my mom of my woes at work and she says "well, you better get used to it if you want to be promoted there."
sorry, mom, my latest career goal is to be able to retire from this place. to avoid any and all lay-offs.
i wanna go when i wanna go. not when they want to dump me because i've been there for 20 years and they think i'm at the top of the pay scale.

and if you, oh Company of My Employment, do decide to dump me, you'd just better hope to shout that i'm not entertaining, ahem, company.

i may either beat the crap out of you, or leave big-ass mascara stains on your shoulder.


Anonymous said...

WOW. You are PMSy aren't you. I thought it was only me like that. Get out of town when I'm on a roll sistah!

Just think ... this too will go away ... until next month!


Anonymous said...

very funny entry. :) Good stuff to smile at!!

Melissa said...

I love the nickname - Sloshy! I had to laugh out loud at that one.

And one day, if I ever get to meet Eve, she and I are going to have a thing or three to talk about. Just don't eat the apple, girl! Save us all a lot of trouble!

Kenny said...

You, my friend, are hilarious...unintentional as it may be. I've accused my precious sweetie of having PDAMS (pre, during, and after MS)...not out loud of course.
Hope Auntie gets her bags packed and skedaddles on outta there soon!