Jun 17, 2007

the countdown continues...

again from Cyn...

9 Ways to Win My Heart...

9. talk on the phone with me for hours
8. bring me a yellow rose when we first meet
7. stop me to tell me how pretty you think my eyes are
6. be funny
5. kiss me like it was your first time
4. tell me i look pretty in the morning
3. buy me a beer in Old Town
2. send me pink roses when you go back East for Christmas when we first start dating
1. propose at midnight on New Year's Eve at your home (when i am super tired and cranky and only want to go to sleep) instead of the restaurant because the really drunk woman at our table would've broadcast it to everyone in San Diego county.

ooops - i forgot. too late. Brendan already did all that.
happy Father's day to each of you daddies out there.

and Doug...get well soon!!


doodlebugmom said...

awwwww! Your husband is so sweet! :)

smileymamaT said...

Cute! He's a keeper. I got the proposal in the restaurant..on Christmas eve..I mean, can you really say no? Ha kidding, I would've said yes anyway...can you believe we were 17 and 19!!??
:) T