Jun 28, 2007

this morning's conversation

the conversation started like this:

v: don't forget to get home early tonight. we have your birthday dinner with our dinner group tonight.

b: OK. *sigh*

v: what's wrong?

b: well, i just wish you had gotten me up earlier.

v: me gotten you up early? don't you have an alarm clock? that works??

b: heh-heh-heh-heh.

dang. 47 years old and i gotta get him up for work.


Melissa said...

I think men are biologically programmed to sleep late. And we're programmed to not. Because unless it's a Tuesday and he gets up at 2:30 a.m. for work, I always get up before him - alarm clock or not.


Coleen said...

Wowm the same thing happens in my house too, only I am the culprit! If I know my husband is here I son't hear the alarm, but if he's not I have no problem. Strange huh? Glad to be back reading your blog Val! I have really missed it!

chlorinejenny said...

They are all the same...Big hairy babies! Gotta love em!