Jun 29, 2007

this n' that...

stupid things you think of when you wake up at 3:45. unintentionally.

  • my downstairs neighbor is convinced we are rebuilding a motorcycle in here. seriously. please. if you knew how these apartments are laid out, you'd know there was no room for such an undertaking.
  • if you knew my Husband, you would know that such an undertaking would be accompanied by many foul words.
  • prayers, please - my mom is having carpal tunnel surgery today.
  • Husband's dinner last night was OK; but of course our Queen of the Complainers bitches immediately after dinner that her chicken was gristly. if there is something wrong with the food, it'll be her food. always. (Husband always asks how it can be that she has a boyfriend with as much whining as she does. i say because she doesn't do it around him. yet.)
  • how can it be i go to sleep obsessed about babies (Queen of the Complainers is the auntie of the girl who just had the baby, who's shower i ditched.), but dream about hot sauce. Tabasco, specifically.

back to the baby...because i am completely obsessed...she has a sling on both her legs for the next three weeks. apparently she either was born or in vitro with her legs above her head, so this is to correct any issues she could have. eating like a piggley-wiggley, too. so, to allow her mom to eat (i got my dinner cooked first)and also to keep Queen C from, well, complain how she didn't get to finish her dinner while hot so she could take care of the baby. and yes, she would, too. i took the baby to feed her.

just when i think i've got the whole baby thing under control, i pick this kiddo up and it's all over with. again.

  • BBQ today at work. i got myself involved (or really the Big Boss got me involved) on this committee designed by another manager to *ahem* design ways to have fun at work. not that i'm agin' having fun at work, but my main obsession now is ensuring that i retire from the dang place; not get laid off or any such thing.

back to the BBQ. this committee decided to come up with a BBQ for the publishing department. but the people on this committee are most unorganized. they will come up with an idea, then next week, change their minds on it.

case in point: the committee decided to have a July 4th centerpiece contest for each workgroup in publishing. then, all publishing employees would vote on their favorite. yesterday, we get an email from one committee member that she had asked four managers to be judges on all the centerpieces.

wait...what? did i miss something? and emailed that and what we had decided on. apparently some of the committee members decided that because some workgroups were larger than others, the voting would not be fair. so impartial judges were chosen.

but why not bring it up for the committee to discuss? why wait till the last minute then spring it on the rest of us? oh well. i have to laugh, because the leader of our group spends a lot of time in our meetings keeping the meeting "on track." especially when they start talking during the meetings. but somehow, we can't keep what's going on within the group on track. this is gonna be fun.

hmmm. i'm thinking the Queen of the Complainers may have an heir to the throne.

all hail Princess Whiny!!

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doodlebugmom said...

Next time you see your neighbor, tell him you are so excited...you and Mr B are going to start clogging.

BBQ at work? We have a "company wide" picnic once a year...its potluck. You would think the big bosses could spring for a meal, there are only like 20 of us.

The baby thing =( . Makes my heart hurt to when you hurt.