Jun 19, 2007

lucky number seven...

1. people who don't appreciate what a gift their children are.
2. ANY story about Paris Hilton.
3. rude people. and here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal., there's a lot of 'em. especially on the freeway.
4. lipstick on a glass, straw or bottle. my mom is notorious for leaving her color on my straw when she takes a hit off my soda. totally grosses me out.
5. reality TV.
6. work. i SO wish i was independently wealthy.
7. that Bucky Covington song about how our mothers smoke & drank when they were pregnant with us. come ON, Bucky...you're all of, what - 20 something? you had no lead base paint in your nursery, and you most likely DID NOT drink from a garden hose.
(7.5 - people who take a meme and turn it into a soapbox. so yes, i'm now annoyed with myself.)


Susie Q said...

Have we talked about Paris today?? What have you heard? *giggle* I hope she fades away quickly...God help us.
Oooh...we always talk about the things that people did when we were young that would now be considered child abuse or neglect!! Bill says life was *cheaper* than! *laugh*
No bike helmets or skate helmets. Riding around in the open beds of pick ups, NO seat belts. Moms who smoked and drank cocktails while pregnant and held their babies in their laps in the front seats of cars!
We drank out of lawn hoses and ate crap off bushes that had probably been sprayed with poison. Stayed out waaay after dark with no adult supervision, walked all over the area, crossed busy streets and did wheelies on bikes without what??? Those aforementioned helmets!
Man. I should be dead. *gulp*
Sorry, I am jjst feeling goofy tonight. Must be all that lead I ingested from the paint and tiled floor in my childhood bedroom.

Love ya,

Melissa said...

Anna Marie can't believe it when I tell her about all the car trips I took as a child, without a Leap Pad or a DVD player. Oh, and with three other siblings.

"What did you do?" she asked.

"Fought with each other," I responded.

That, and made signs asking passing motorists to call the police, that we were being kidnapped.

Kids these days don't know how good they've got it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, we did all those things and we all lived. I think too many people are wayyyyyyyyyyy too careful, but, well, just my opinion I guess!