Jan 8, 2016

..every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

December 2014. Life changed.

It seemed like a normal day at work, or at least it started that way.
Then we were all called down into a meeting room. And after 27 years at the same place, i found out that our office was being closed. Work being sent to off shore or Florida. Opportunities to work in Florida, if you're interested.

So what to do? i have elderly parents. i didn't feel comfortable leaving them. So i opted to stay.

Not long after that, my stepfather collapsed at home. The hospital couldn't find anything really wrong, and just decided he needed some PT. So off he was sent to a local convalescent home for PT and then was sent home.

March 2015. Life changed. Again.

Stepfather collapsed again at home Back to the hospital. More PT. Back to the convalescent home.

Things really changed, then. He wasn't eating. Wasn't interested in PT. The doctor said they were sending him home for hospice care.

He was dying.

Nothing really wrong, right?

He came home on a Sunday. He was gone by Wednesday.

2015 - i lost a family member. i lost my identity as a working woman. i totally lost my way.

i'm still lost in a way. The holidays sucked - as they always do when there's loss of a family member.

i like the fact that even though i'm unemployed still, i've been able to care for my mom in many more ways. Making her life a little easier.

November 2015. Life changed. Again, again.

Husband was coming home from work on the freeway, when they came to a complete stop. Unfortunately, the man behind him, didn't stop. Rammed the beejeebers out of the car my husband was in.

It's just a car. The husband is fine. It's just a thing, right?

He was a temporary employee at his work. I have no job. We're down to one car.

Now i know there are many out there that are FAR worse off then i. But when these many things hit you all at once, well, it can make you wonder what's going on.

But on the plus side:
* Husband got hired on permanently at his work.
* My mom has graciously lent me her car, so the Husband can use my car to get back and forth to work.
* Donny Osmond is alive and well and in concert this Saturday. I.am.going.

It's hard, this life. i truly don't know how anyone that doesn't have a spiritual basis can go on. There's been many a time in the last months i've sat here, tears coursing down my face, wondering how i can go on. How can God have his hand in this. How can it be all right when it all seems to be falling apart.

i guess that's why it's called faith.