Mar 24, 2011

not in my, genes.

a good friend had posted on Facebook the other day how her daughter was inadvertently following in her getting into the art/publishing business...and my friend had done the same thing in her mother's footsteps - her mother an art major (like my friend) and both parents were into publishing. so she asked, how many of us out there HAD followed in their parents footsteps.

i got nothin'.

my grandmother, while she never studied, wanted to be a nurse. medicine fascinated her - but it was the Depression and hey - there was barely enough money to live, much less for something like schooling.
she LIVED to see them draw blood.

um, no thank you.

my mom has some mad math skilz. me, not so much. if math problems go higher than how many fingers & toes i have to count on...then there had better be a calculator handy.
photography? yep. my mom has a good eye. so i guess i got that going for me..

my mom & i got started in cross stitching about the same time. that's a wash.
however she now quilts. she would LOVE it if i started that as well. thanks, but no. i HATED sewing in home-ec, so sewing for pleasure? meh.

now. as for the sperm don't know much about him since he left before i was born.

wait..i do know this: dad could put 'em away...and did so frequently. wait! i can do that, too!!
oh, and he also had a sarcastic sense of humor.

wait! i also am sarcastic!!! 
so. i am sarcastic and like beer. thank heavens for genetics.

Mar 23, 2011

something's in the water.

56% of women in this country wear size 14 and up. 56 percent.

but apparently the retailers out there don't see it that way.

Spring is here. and with it comes some fevah. while i don't look for more cowbell with that fever, i do look for some wardrobe freshening.

(and me saying wardrobe freshening is kinda funny...if you know me or have seen what i wear, there ain't no wardrobe going on)

my shopping usually occurs at one of two places: Target (98%) and Walmart (1%) and other (1%)...the 'other' being more expensive and as such are usually confined to *ahem* foundation garments and the occasionally super-cute top. Target is my go-to for cute fat gurl clothes.

lately - not so much.

when i've gone to Target & WallyWorld, i've noticed something...the usual size of the plus size selection has apparently gone on a diet.

and has lot a LOT of weight.

while the maternity size...right next to the plus size has, well...expanded. kinda like Octomom.


hello? marketeers of said store? did you not get that 56% of the women in America wear a size 14 and up? why would you reduce the size of your plus size section? while i get that it costs somewhat more to make these clothes, didja think that we would think 'oh crap, not so many fat gurl clothes to choose from? i'd better go on a diet!'

(shhh. lemme let you in on a tiny secret: when given a choice between a hot fudge brownie sundae {no nuts, please}and a diet? guess what i'm gonna choose)

so...just in case any of the marketing geniuses from Target are reading...lemme lay it out on the table for you: plus size good. expansion of plus size section better.

while being in the 56 percentile may not be best for me personally, it sure doesn't mean i wanna wear mu-mus and caftans.

now if you'll excuse me, there's some hot fudge calling my name.