Jun 30, 2006

gee it's good to be back home again...

what a trip.


to borrow from Mr. Dickens: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Kindergarten graduation was so bloody cute...pictures shall be posted soon. even the field trip to the Animal Ark was cute...and i only had three kids to be responsible for.

of course, one of them was the class bully. how did i get so lucky?


the day my Husband got up there, the home where my mother-in-law is called..she suddenly took a turn for the worse, and the home felt that the inevitable was just around the corner.

she passed away this past Tuesday.

death is an amazing business here in America. it's not something we want to talk about and no one ever wants to face. but as part of the home's services, they offer hospice care. and the representative who dealt with my sister-in-law was so kind. Maureen said if everyone was like this chick, that dying could actually be something to look forward to.

of course, the whole thing wasn't stress-free. although my mother in law's needs were met, the inter-family squabbles and well...BS due to thoughtlessness was, well...stupid. maybe later on i'll get into it, but suffice it to say that irony & karma do exist.

so, i wanted to thank you for all your postings & emails expressing concern about my mother-in-law. i know my husband appreciates it as well.

happier news tomorrow. i swear.

Jun 20, 2006

i'm off on the Road to Reno...

i'm not coming back till i'm done. (a very weak attempt to do a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby "Road" movie impersonation)

oh, for those of you who are too young to remember: Bob & Bing were entertainers in the '30s, and beyond who did a series of buddy pictures - the Lethal Weapon series of their day. Road to Rio, Road to Morocco...you get the idea.

i'm really good at digressing, huh.

so, i leave today for Reno - the Nephew is graduating from Kindergarten Thursday so Hubbs & i will be attending. but tomorrow...is The Field Trip.

ah, yes, i'm going to help be a Room Mom for the Kindergarten field trip to a local petting zoo/wildlife rehab facility. so many photo ops, i cannot stand it.

did i mention that it's the combined Kindergarten class? about 60 kids. oh, and the amount of kids i get is directly proportionate to how many adults come?

it's OK - you can laugh at me.

cannot believe he's six now. his birthday was last week, the party was Saturday, and luckily, the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine i won on eBay for him, arrived just when he started opening presents. he was totally excited. he wants to come pick me up at the airport today. how can i say no (like i would - duh.)?

it's good to be six.

**breaking news: my SIL just IM'd me (isn't technology wonderful?!) to let me know that the Nephew took a swan dive off his sister's bed, and caught the edge of the playtable in her room. luckily, it's a round table, but still good for a trip to the ER. no stitches, but a nice goose egg on his dome - should provide two black eyes just in time for graduation pictures! now there's a story to scrapbook!**

Jun 15, 2006

When I was 16, I hoped that one day I would have a boyfriend.

When I was 18, I got a boyfriend, but there was no passion.
So I decided I needed a passionate guy with a zest for life.

In college, I dated a passionate guy, but he was too emotional.
Everything was an emergency; he cried all the time and threatened suicide.
So I decided I needed a guy with stability.

When I was 25, I found a very stable guy but he was boring. He was totally predictable and never got excited about anything. Life became so dull that I decided I needed a guy with some excitement.

When I was 28, I found an exciting guy, but I couldn't keep up with him. He always got mad; he did impetuous things and flirted with every woman he met.
He made me miserable as often as happy. He was very energetic, but directionless.
So I decided to find a guy with some ambition.

When I turned 31, I found a smart, ambitious guy with his feet planted firmly on the ground and married him. He was so ambitious that he divorced me, took everything I owned, and ran off with my best friend.

So, I am now 40, and I'm looking for a guy with a big unit.

OK - so i'm 44. and i'm not looking for a guy. but i was the majority of those listed. i laughed when i read this, but it's the rueful laugh of truth.

not any more. i've got a winner. and next week he turns 46. i've been with him for 11 years, and this October, we'll be married for 9.

he rocks.

happy birthday, baby.

Jun 14, 2006

i love people.

really, i do.

but there are times...and lately more oft than not, where i SO want to be a hermit living on top of some mountain.

for starters...

within the last three weeks, i've traveled to Philadelphia for work twice: once for two days, the last time for an entire week. we're assisting another office, and with my current job, i am an expert on what they need to get them out of their jam.


apparently one of my peers complained that i was getting "favored nation" treatment. so next week, one of the peers is going.

i'm actually OK with that. yes, i have developed a rapport with this office. and yes, i do know my job almost better than anyone.


why is it that our society is so hung up on what is fair? let's face it: life ain't fair. people deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of anything.

but life ain't fair. and sometimes you just have to run with it. my grandma used to say "the wheel goes round & round, and soon the fly on top is the fly on the bottom."

then came tonight.

as i was leaving some work for a night crew member, his cube mate asks me how the trip was, then says he's going to Philadelphia next week. so i respond with good for you! are you going on vacation?

no. (he says) i just don't want you to think you're special.

what th'...

yes, he really said that. you just can't make this kind of crap up.

this guy is a mean person anyways. before, anytime i would say something to his supervisor, the excuse was "oh, he's just trying to be funny."

i ain't laughing.

OK, now today wasn't a good day. i've spent all day working on a spreadsheet that i cannot make work right so i can create a schedule for this office. all day. i accomplished nothing, after being at work for 10+hours.

i go to my parents, and my step-pop is cranky, and says things that are just mean.

frankly, i just ain't in the mood.

and on my drive home, Keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry" comes on.

and so i do.

just not a good day.

but i love people. still.

Jun 13, 2006

yet another blessing...

my photos are not gone.

just moved.

apparently Hubbs decided that since we were having some virus issues on the laptop, that my photos need to reside on the big computer (which i hate working on, BTW).

he just neglected to tell me.

hmmm..one of those little details you should be sharing.

oh well - i'm just relieved they're not gone. even though they were all on cd's it just hit me like a sucker punch that they were gone.

in either case - they are SO going on a photo server.

Jun 12, 2006


oh mercy.

it may only be the 12th, but it's Friday the 13th as far as i'm concerned.

this could be one of the worst things that could happen to a scrapbooker.

or a family historian.

or just anyone who takes pictures.

the majority of my photos are gone.

vanished. disappeared. MIA.

without a trace.

tell me this doesn't suck.

we, well - i got a virus on my side of our laptop - where i keep my photos & my photo editing software. i couldn't get in, and my poor husband worked his arse off to restore my side of the computer.

so he was successful, and now photos are gone.

this is the pits. i've got that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach - like i just lost a part of my life.

but on the bright side (and there is a bright side), a few weeks ago i spent two days burning all my photos onto cd's. and i even said "i need to download these photos to an online website."

got lazy. didn't do it. at least i can still download the cd photos to one.

i'd better get on it before we have a fire & lose everything.

heaven forbid. but ugggggh.

i feel better knowing i have the cds, but horrible that i could've lost them. i don't even want to imagine what it would be like if i didn't have the backups.

so, if you know of a good online photo storage site, let me know.

peace out. photos on cd.

Jun 9, 2006

home again, home again - jiggidty jig

and i'm soooooooooooooooooo glad to be home.

we had really bad turbulence on take-off - lasted about 30 minutes, and believe me, it reaffirmed my dislike of flying and my faith in God, because i did a LOT of praying.

i was scared to death.

it lasted about 35 minutes. that was pure hell for me.

but we eventually got above it, and i finally fell asleep for awhile

i was exhausted.

bummer of the deal was, we were so busy at work, there was no chance to go anyplace.

no Hershey. no Liberty Bell. no Independence Hall. no Valley Forge National Park.

just hotel, work, dinner, hotel. all week.

bummer, dude.

but - at least we got some things accomplished. my boss is super easy to travel with.
and yesterday, she kicked me out of the office for an hour so i could go to a scrapbook store.

she is a Goddess.

rock on!

so - it's almost midnight on my body clock. i'm beginning to feel foggy.

man, it's good to be back home.

Jun 4, 2006

Back to Valley Forge

Leaving tomorrow to go back to my company's office in Valley Forge, PA. And altho' i hate the thought of that l-o-n-g flight, the bright spot is i may actually get to see something besides the office!

My boss just called, to tell me she would bring exercise clothes if i would. OK whatever. Tomorrow, we'll eat at the King of Prussia mall, which is supposed to be faboo. We passed by it every day, heading to the office and it's HUGE! Then, we'll leave the office early one day & go to Hershey...it's only 90 minutes from work.

So maybe it won't be as horrible as it was last time. Too much work, and not enough time to get anything accomplished, except not sleep.

And yes - i AM bringing Tylenol PM this time. Just in case insominia makes a return engagement.

Also i could have heat stroke, but i don't think it's as hot today as it was yesterday. Either that or my "trailer park fixin' up" is working. Who knows.

So - i don't promise to post, but i will try to get more pictures. Prayers for me, the nervous flier, please.

Talk to you soon - i'm bi-coastal, now!

It's Hot. Africa Hot.

And actually, those in Africa would say "bloody hell, it's hot.

and i have finished Trailer Parking our windows.

ye-ha, Maw.

see, in our lovely abode, our windows are on the south & north sides of the apartment. Kitchen & sliding door on the north, bedrooms on the south. And, of course when it's hot (like now), the master bedroom & office-slash-scrapbook room are gawdawful.

so, last year, when Hubbs was working nights (as opposed to now, working swing!), i put aluminum foil in the bedroom window. It may sound tacky, but it really was a win-win for us: it kept the room dark when he slept during the day, and kept a lot of the heat out.

fast forward to 2006. i've gone whisky-tango again. But this time, i foiled up the windows in both rooms. i've got the window fans in both bedrooms..It cooled down the office within 20 minutes. Dang! It worked.

of course, i do have one itty bitty problem. i have the window fan in the office, but no screen. Seems that it flipped out & is now resting comfortably on the roof of the carport, which both bedrooms overlook. So...When night falls (or i finish scrapping for the night), i'll have to take the fan out of the window, and close the window.

things are fixed quickly 'round here.

the Hubbs, is currently out in Pomona at the car swap meet. He absolutely loves this place. Goes with a good friend of his & spends hours looking at all kinds of car parts, accessories, and whatever else. i went one time, and yes, was bored out of my skull. The one bright spot was the lady who was selling 70's era Barbies.

the guys were bored. Ha! Tit for tat.

Pomona is hell in the summer. It's at the base of the mountains here so the heat just sits. Matter of fact, the L.A. County Fair is held at the Fairplex in Pomona in September. September is the hottest month of them all.

this is why i only go to the Orange County Fair. In July. near the coast.

bought the 2005 version of "The Producers" yesterday, and am watching it now. The movie was OK, but the stage version was totally hysterical. i think it's just because i didn't like Uma in the movie. Oh well...i love the original cast in the movie, and Gary Beech & Roger Bart both make me laugh hard.

"What is that enchanting cologne you're wearing?" - Roger DeBris
"Me? I'm not wearing any cologne." - Leo Bloom
"You mean that smell is you?! OH! If I could bottle you, I'd shove you under my armpits every day. - Roger DeBris
close up on Leo (who is quite stressed)pulling his blue blankie out of his pocket.

You really need to see it to appreciate it.

Stay cool. I gotta go laugh some more.

Jun 3, 2006

am i too young for a midlife crisis?

i posted a poll on this over @ CKMB.

but i'll ask you (and likely Linda, Cyn & Becky will be the only ones that respond - thanks, girls!) - would you get your nose pierced?

i can't decide. not sure if i wanna do it because i just turned 44, or if it's just a phase, or what.

so Tara has one. so does Kathleen.

and no, if they jumped off a bridge, i wouldn't either.

i've kinda wanted a tatoo, but ink is so permanent. at least i could let the hole close up if i got tired of it.

i have a sneaking suspicion that Hubbs is against it, even though he hasn't come out & said it. maybe he thinks it could hurt my chances to be promoted at work.

possibly. but hey, it took me 18 years to get the promotion i did.

i don't want a big ol' honkin' stud, or a hoop. just a small little sparkly thing.

but am i being infantile? am i looking for my lost youth? am i just depressed because i just bought my first tube of wrinkle cream?

let me know.

edited: you would not believe the responses i got. one CKMBer actually said "No way, I don't even have my ears done. No shots for me that aren't needed. If you want people looking at you go ahead and look strange.." look strange? no kidding! can you just feel the love? come on, if you don't think i should, say so. what's the point in being bitchy about it!
you can view the thread here. i have to laugh..with the new format on the MB, you can see how many people have viewed your thread, as well as how many have posted. well, this has 18 replies and 112 views. i've never posted anything that has generated such a response.
and over a piercing. think there's this kind of response over elections?

and they're OFF>>>>>!!!

yep. off on another trip, back to Valley Forge, PA.


hopefully, this time we (my manager & i) can actually see something. Hershey, PA is about 90 minutes from our hotel. gotta admit: you need to see a city where the street lights are shaped like Kisses.

oh yeah.

but i still hate flying. nonstop, both ways, heading out of LAX both times @ rush hour.

oh yeah. bring on the alcohol.

but - it's Votin' Season here in the Empire of Buena Park. we've never had sooooooo many phone calls: vote for our candidate, not theirs.

hey - at least our answering machine is getting exercise.


yesterday morning, kissing the Husband good-bye as i was leaving for work, he mentions he's gotta work on his truck. it's making some banging sound.

why is it a banging sound in cars usually equals a cash register sound?


so this morning, we took it to my mechanic - yep - it's the catalytic converter. eh - not as bad as it could've been. it's ready by Monday, and yes, the Hubbs is now driving my car.

and i'm now a stuck-at-home mom who isn't a mom. ugh. even better - it's about 90 hot degrees inside our place. we have air conditioning, but it's in a terrible place, where most of the air blows against the opposite wall.

so the coolest spot is right around the air conditioner. which is in the dining area. woo-hoo.

the fans they are a-blowin'. hell, even the cat is miserable. but he's at least sleeping on the bathroom tile. of course, if i had a fur coat on all day long...

so...if Hubbs is taking my car, and i have no transportation, then he must endure running shopping errands with me.

Target. scrapbook store. Payless Shoes. credit union.

results? detergent & travel shampoos. magazines & Donna's Photo Decor book. flip flops. cash.

all this, laundry & getting Husband to mechanic, done before 11.

i love accomplishing stuff!

but being hot sucks.

stay cool.