Jun 3, 2006

am i too young for a midlife crisis?

i posted a poll on this over @ CKMB.

but i'll ask you (and likely Linda, Cyn & Becky will be the only ones that respond - thanks, girls!) - would you get your nose pierced?

i can't decide. not sure if i wanna do it because i just turned 44, or if it's just a phase, or what.

so Tara has one. so does Kathleen.

and no, if they jumped off a bridge, i wouldn't either.

i've kinda wanted a tatoo, but ink is so permanent. at least i could let the hole close up if i got tired of it.

i have a sneaking suspicion that Hubbs is against it, even though he hasn't come out & said it. maybe he thinks it could hurt my chances to be promoted at work.

possibly. but hey, it took me 18 years to get the promotion i did.

i don't want a big ol' honkin' stud, or a hoop. just a small little sparkly thing.

but am i being infantile? am i looking for my lost youth? am i just depressed because i just bought my first tube of wrinkle cream?

let me know.

edited: you would not believe the responses i got. one CKMBer actually said "No way, I don't even have my ears done. No shots for me that aren't needed. If you want people looking at you go ahead and look strange.." look strange? no kidding! can you just feel the love? come on, if you don't think i should, say so. what's the point in being bitchy about it!
you can view the thread here. i have to laugh..with the new format on the MB, you can see how many people have viewed your thread, as well as how many have posted. well, this has 18 replies and 112 views. i've never posted anything that has generated such a response.
and over a piercing. think there's this kind of response over elections?


Becky said...

Sorry I'm so behind! I worked with a girl whose nose was pierced and she wore an itty-bitty diamond in it. It actually looked really nice. If I had the guts I'd do it. And get a tattoo, but don't know of what.

Age-schmage - go for it!

Sue said...

Hi there, just passing through and had to comment. I think you have to have the right kind of nose/face for a piercing to look good. So if you've got it, go for it.

Me, I'm more of a tattoo kind of gal. I just get them where they don't show unless I want them too. (And trust me, my boss WOULD have a problem with it if they showed).