Jun 20, 2006

i'm off on the Road to Reno...

i'm not coming back till i'm done. (a very weak attempt to do a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby "Road" movie impersonation)

oh, for those of you who are too young to remember: Bob & Bing were entertainers in the '30s, and beyond who did a series of buddy pictures - the Lethal Weapon series of their day. Road to Rio, Road to Morocco...you get the idea.

i'm really good at digressing, huh.

so, i leave today for Reno - the Nephew is graduating from Kindergarten Thursday so Hubbs & i will be attending. but tomorrow...is The Field Trip.

ah, yes, i'm going to help be a Room Mom for the Kindergarten field trip to a local petting zoo/wildlife rehab facility. so many photo ops, i cannot stand it.

did i mention that it's the combined Kindergarten class? about 60 kids. oh, and the amount of kids i get is directly proportionate to how many adults come?

it's OK - you can laugh at me.

cannot believe he's six now. his birthday was last week, the party was Saturday, and luckily, the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine i won on eBay for him, arrived just when he started opening presents. he was totally excited. he wants to come pick me up at the airport today. how can i say no (like i would - duh.)?

it's good to be six.

**breaking news: my SIL just IM'd me (isn't technology wonderful?!) to let me know that the Nephew took a swan dive off his sister's bed, and caught the edge of the playtable in her room. luckily, it's a round table, but still good for a trip to the ER. no stitches, but a nice goose egg on his dome - should provide two black eyes just in time for graduation pictures! now there's a story to scrapbook!**


Becky said...

Hope the field trip and graduation were fun! Did your nephew's eyes turn black? Glad he's okay, otherwise. I bet he'll love to see the scrapbook pages of this when he graduates from high school!

Becky said...

P.S. Happy belated Birthday to you!!

Doug Bagley said...

Man, aren't kids wonderful? It's amazing our species survives to adulthood.

Doug Bagley said...

I posted a response but not sure it went through. If not, well, here's what I said
Aren't kids great? It's a wonder our species makes it to adulthood.