Feb 27, 2006

the whole dang state is about to float away...


it's raining like you wouldn't believe.

and for a state that just a few months ago was burning up..the mud will be bad.

very, very bad.

sing it with me..."Rainy Days & Mondays always get me downnnnnnn..."

in other news...

my mother in law is not doing well. not at all. she's been saying for the past two years how she wants to die. i always tell her to be careful what you ask for. and prayers, please for my husband, and his brother & sister. no matter how much you think you can prepare, you never are.

i'll keep you posted.


Come Monday...It'll Be Alright...

props to Jimmy Buffett. he's a-coming out to Irvine in April. would love to go & be a Parrothead.

Just stuff i'm thinking of, in no particular importance...

* how much i'd LOVE to win the lotto. Then B & i could afford to do what we want to do...not necessarily for us, but for some of our dear friends & family. i got plans, baby, and they ROCK!

* drove down to San Diego proper yesterday. Usually our trips involve just heading into Oceanside (just on the other side of Camp Pendleton), but this time, we headed over to one of my fave rave scrapbook shops, then down to Fashion Valley to the San Diego State University (Hubb's an alumni) for stuff to trick out the Tacoma. Nothing says fer shizzle for a couple o' chunky honkies than an SDSU window sticker. Testify. Oh we also checked out the Apple store.
Holy Cow...THAT was INSANE.

* 14 more days till my SIL & Nephew come down & we head to the Tragic Kingdom, er....Disneyland. Cannot, cannot CANNOT wait.

* WW is still working out for me. Oh, and i don't hate the usual leader there quite as much. See, she's a tiny chick who generally isn't nice to people. One of my co-workers who returned after a long absence, had gained. The WW leader said, "well, what did you expect?" There's a difference between honesty & cattiness. i would've just said yippee for you, you decided to continue to do something good for yourself!! So, why don't i hate her as much? She had on her name badge & it said she lost 50lbs in 05. To me, she always seemed like one of those chicks who lost 10lbs, and now is a life member.

* lost 3.8lbs last week. Total so far is 16.4lbs. i still can't believe that i'm actually doing it.
Oh, and another reason why the WW leader chick bothers me: she asked what i did last week for that much of a loss. Hey, i was honest. "i had the stomach flu. Does wonders for a diet." She made some response that there were better ways. No doubt. But don't imply that i deliberately got the tummy flu so i could lose more weight. Ain't nothing better than puking & pooping. *sigh* i live for that, brothers & sisters.

* Cannot believe March is right around the corner. How can it be that when we were kids, time moved slower than a slug with a broken leg. But now....it moves at supersonic speed. i'm gonnna be 44 this year. 44. Seriously - i never thought i'd live this long. And, of course, i would've taken better care of myself. :o)

* It's never too late to have a happy childhood. True that. For Anyone.

*Watch on the news for all the idiots here in So.Cal. tonight. We're getting a huge rainstorm in by this afternoon, and no one here can drive in the rain, at least for the first two days of one. So look for my brethren to be having accidents & what not.

* Time to get this Monday started. Y'all have a good one. More to come....

Feb 25, 2006

i Hear You Talking...

...But i ain't listening.

Don't start. i am not rude by nature - unless you're rude to me first. Probably not the best way to be, but at least i'm honest.

What i'm talking about is something i was reminded of that happened years ago. When i was a kid...Probably 11 or 12.

And, of course, all names will be changed to protect...Me.

Jump in my Time Machine & travel back with me to the year 1974. "The Godfather" won Best Picture. Nixon resigned. Robert Blake won Best Actor in a Television Drama (apparently he also won for Most Likely to Off a Mate.


i'm living with my Crazy Auntie. Well, she actually hasn't gone crazy yet. My uncle was suffering from Alzheimer's (even though it didn't have a name then), Great Crazy Auntie, after he passed away, had it as well...Kicked in hard.

(in a nutshell, here's the basis of my life: my Mom wasn't married when i was born..No big these days, but in the early 60's, in a small town, it was a HUGE deal. So...My family, being extremely religious, decided to come up with this great story, that my GCA was, in actuality, my mom.
Hmmm...A woman in her early 60's, being the mother of a 12 yr. Old. Sure - i bought it. Silly me.
i believed whatever adults told me. Oh, and the next year my mom finally told me the whole sordid story.)

But - here's the story...GCA had an older daughter, who in turn has four kids. The oldest daughter had married & had three kids, all of which i'm older than. Two girls & a boy. They were cute. Really cute. The girls would model in local store catalogues. They had blonde hair & olive skin. And skinny. i was chubby, reddish brown hair, Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost toned skin and freckles. Not the kind of kid you want in your advertising.

They were everything i wasn't. And they knew it, too. i was constantly ragged on by them about everything i did...And everything i liked. "Oooh...Valerie likes Donny Osmond." "Lookit her now...She thinks she's gonna be a writer."

You get the idea.

Well, as if this wasn't enough fun, i got this from their grandmother (remember? i think she's my older sister. My very older sister.) and my grandmother (who i think is my auntie): "why can't you be more like Cassie? Cassie doesn't dress like a slob. Cassie always helps around the house. Why can't you be more like her?"

Cassie is freaking perfect. Whatever. i kinda ignore the whole spiel. Just like i mostly ignored the kids who teased me in school.

Oh, did i mention Cassie was brilliant in math? Seriously, i could barely add 2+2 and have it come out as 4.

Why can't you be more like Cassie.

Blah, blah, blah.

Years have passed. We've all grown up. Through the grace of God, i have learned that i am smart. Not gonna be a Rainman, math-wise, but i have lots of talents. i have confidence in myself, and my abilities, as well as my disabilities. I have learned what i can & shouldn't do.

Fast forward (or backwards. The choice is yours) to 1997. i'm "finally" getting married (well, you can't change EVERYONE'S opinion, now can you?!). And i invite my cousins, which includes Cassie.

Not close, my extended family & i. Part of it is bitterness on my part. i'm still working on that.
The reality is that we are very different. Different values. Different goals & interests.

Well, at the reception, all the guys, married or not, was ogling Cassie. You see, at 20, she had a boob job, got pregnant, got married, had the baby and got divorced...All before the baby was a year old.

She had really nice boobs.

Now, she's still divorced, still has the boob job. She does drugs. What kind, i have no idea. But, wrapped up in that incredible ego she had, is, i hope, still a woman with a lot of talent & gifts to share. Wasted away because she believed her own hype.

And they wanted me to be just like her.

Of the five "kids" in this, my extended family, i am the only one still married. i have no drug problems (vicadin doesn't count!). My boobs are my own, and are mighty fine, if i do say so.
i still talk to my parents, and don't blame my mom for mistakes of the past - hers or my own.

i am me. i like me. i ain't Cassie.

And i'm a whole helluva lot happier. Take that, family.

Feb 23, 2006

my new mantra...

just saw this on a commercial for a new show on CBS with Julia Louis-Dreyfus..."The New Adventures of Old Christine:"

"It used to be I was turned on by the touch of a man. Now I'm turned on by a sale at Target.
If I could get a guy to touch me at Target, I'd be gold."

true, that.

feeling better...again

today was my first day back to work since last Thursday.

now mind you, i took last Friday off because Scrapbook Expo was in town; and mom & i both had classes...(BTW: Lil' Davis classes ROCKED!!!!) and of course, did some shopping.

shopping was very, very good. finally got my hands on the new BasicGrey papers. yum.

so three days of scrapbooking bliss.

then Monday, where, as you all know, i snuck into a movie. (and the Hubs came with me..don't think i was in this alone!)

Monday night...Hubs BBQ'd steaks. then later that night...

Revenge of the Digestive Tract.

don't worry, i shant go into detail.

but.....unfortunately...i missed Tuesday & Wednesday. but, as my boss even said, there's no way in hell we WANT you there.

this ought to be good for my diet. i've eaten mostly toast since Tuesday. and today...i decided to bring a can of beef broth for lunch.

it tasted like ca-ca. but at least it was food. until our locations receptionist (who's quite vocal. don't think she realizes how loud she is. it's also dangerous to sit across from her as she talks with her mouth full. oy.) commented that what i was eating looked just like olive juice.

olive juice? oh dear lordamighty.

needless to say, i was done with my lunch. settled for a bag of Cheese-Its & water.


remember what mother always told us: If you can't say anything at nice...

...and if you can't say anything nice about my lunch, don't say anything.

especially after the horror of the Revenge of the Digestive Tract.

'nuff said.

happy Thursday.

all that i am, i owe to stealing from Linda...

thanks Doodlebugmom! (but Miss Piggy? really?!)

You Are Miss Piggy
A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!
The Muppet Personality Test

Feb 22, 2006

People suck-part deux.

So there was a post on the CKMB the other day about someone being annoyed by misspellings on posts. And although yes, there probably are more important things going on, i'm also one of those people who believes that you are judged by the words you use...Or misuse.

Did i mention the person annoyed is a friend of mine?

And i agree with her.

So - someone else, who at one time claimed to be driven off the MB by people taking her postings the wrong way, is now deliberately misspelling words in an attempt to be humorous.

It's gone on now for over a day.

So i posted saying we need to let it go. And, of course, someone has to respond to me, telling me that if i don't want to be offended, i shouldn't read it.

First off, by the title of the post, i had NO idea what the original poster was yakking about. And, the more i read, with everyone tee heeing, i got more & more pissed.

i'm done. This person who originally posted the deliberate misspellings, is one who a few months ago, was, by her choice, leaving the board because what she said hurt someone's feelings. Apparently this is different. It's OK to continue to harp when it's at someone else's expense.

i'm tired of this crap. There's enough meanness & nastiness in this world. And now, a place that i used to enjoy visiting is contributing to the meanness. And, on a selfish note, i'm tired of my postings being ignored because i'm not in the right "clique." i was done with that crap in junior high. i'm 43 now. i don't have to put up with it.


Peace. Especially to the CKMB.

Feb 20, 2006

how old are we?

i mean, really.

i'm almost 44. allegedly an adult. so you would expect more of me, right?

so i'll confess. we snuck into a movie today.

yep. snuck into a movie. saw the Pink Panther AND Hoodwinked.

saw Hoodwinked first. it was cute, but not great. damn. i REALLY wanted it to be funny, the stuff i saw on it looked hysterical. just wasn't that funny.

so afterwards, the Husband & i, talked about seeing another movie (i actually brought it up, but just as a joke. really. a joke). and we decided to see Pink Panther, which was OK, but not gonna make me forget Peter Sellers. but Steve Martin...he's always funny. and Kevin Klien..who's really one of the more underrated actors out there.

so there we were. giggling like two maniacs. "hee, hee, heee...we snuck into a movie..."
but i don't feel too bad. at $7.50 a head, i at least feel like i got my money's worth. oh, and the Husband bought lunch (snacks?): two hot dawgs, small popcorn, bottle water & small soda - all for $20.

no wonder we rent most of the time.

Feb 18, 2006

get me a gun.

or a good saw so i can cut off some legs.

but i'm not bitter, noooooooooooooo...

my next door neighbor (not to be confused with my downstairs one who had the tv & stereo on so loud @ 3am a month or so ago) has the Army running up & down the stairs, in & out the door. it's been nonstop for about an hour now.

they're not moving. well, at least not moving out of the apartment. but they are moving.
moving too much.

damn. when did i turn into the Cranky Old Lady who bitches at the kids to "get off my lawn"?

let's hope it's not old age. let's hope it's just the diet talking.

or the desire for really good chocolate cake.

that's what i'm talkin' about. dessert.

and a quiet apartment.

stole this...

from here.

but you gotta wonder, like she said, what are those Australians thinking?


the Creativity Bug bites hard.

then other times, it bites, the fever spikes, then subsides.

such was the case tonight.

got home from Scrapbook Expo (am SO ready to go shopping tomorrow. REALLY need some new BasicGrey paper) earlier today. had two classes, one was slightly better than the other.

so far, the only class i've really loved was from Lil'Davis Designs - Michelle Hill was the teacher & she AND the class rocked.

so that damn bug bit me. hard.

so we came out of the Expo & found a new store in Tustin...which was OK, just too small & not any paper i would want. my Mom was in 7th heaven...exactly her kind of paper: kinda cutsey.
but they had a 7Gypsies mini album that i decided i needed.

so i made an autograph album for the Nephew's Disneyland trip next month. you can see it here. i'd love to hear what you think about it...

in other news....

it's coldern a witch's...um......mammory gland.

well, cold for So.Cal. probably in the mid to upper 40s tonight. good chance of rain, too.

and they say it never rains in Southern California.

peace. and warmth.

Feb 17, 2006

Scrapbook Expose - Day Uno

not bad.

not great, (except for the Lil' Davis Designs class....GO MICHELLE!!!) but OK, i guess.

only got into the first expo hall for shopping...and i wasn't impressed with that EXCEPT for the store that sold mini albums, chipboard covers, filler pages & ribbons included for different kinds of projects. i got the one with the Mickey Mouse shape cut out of the cover...this will be PERFECT for a mini album i'm planning for the Nephew's Big Trip to Disneyland next month with Mommy. Uncle Brendan is planning on making an appearance, work be damned.
also found some super cute paper with Sorcerer's hats in red & black for an autograph album i want to make for him as well.

now if i can only come up with an idea for my calendar.

see, now the Nephew is bugging Mommy EVERY DAY: "when do we go to Disneyland? is it tomorrow? is it the day after that??" so i came up with the bright idea of making a calendar so he can mark off days...like an Advent calendar, but with Mickey.

now i need something to use so he can mark off each day.

didn't see many stickers of the Mouse that would be small enough. then again, i was only in the one exhibit hall.

i'm hoping to get my hands on the new BasicGrey Urban Courture paper. i used a little of it in a class today and it was sooooooooooooo cool. must. own. some. now.

like i said, the Lil' Davis Design class was the bomb. we made a mini family album that totally rocked. EVERYTHING just came together - stars aligned, angels sang...you get the idea.

(pictures posted later, got a headache & don't feel like messing with camera. sorry)

just hoping that tomorrow is better. at least better shopping.

Feb 16, 2006


went to the dreaded Weight Watchers today...i'll be busy all weekend, so i decided to face the Scale of Doom today instead of tomorrow.


yes, you read that right. i lost 6.5 pounds last week.

all i can say is thank heavens for salads & WWs zero-point soup.

yippee!!! makes me feel sooooooooooo much better, especially after last week.

shake your (skinnier) groove thing, yeah, yeah...!

so it's a total of 12.5 down.

200 million to go. :o)

probably won't see much of me this weekend. i'll be down at the O.C. Fairgrounds at the faboo Scrapbook Expo. classes & shopping...dang. it'll be rough, but i'll muddle through somehow.

in other news...

if you're in California, have you seen the Mega Millions commercial? the one of the family reunion playing baseball at Dodger Stadium? So cool. if i won the cashola, believe me, after i paid everyone's debts off, and bought my house, i would host a softball game down at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. (i know - it's Qualcomm, but i'm a purist.)

have a great long weekend. stay safe.

Feb 15, 2006

shameless theivery...

Stolen from Linda's website. Thanks for not proscuting. :o)

1. Where did you meet your significant other?
on a blind date at Disneyland. We were introduced through my best friend & her mom..her mom worked with Brendan & decided that even though i was "loud" (according to her mom), i was still fun.

loud?! moi?!

2. How old were you when you met?
32 (me) & 34 (him). we be old courtin' farts.

3. How long have you been together?
our first date was before Christmas in 1994. Seriously, one of the best presents i ever got. We were engaged at midnight, New Year's Eve 1996 (i wanted to go to bed. i was tired. sick of watching Dick Clark. HE wouldn't let me go to bed, so i stayed up, disgruntled, playing solitare on the computer. Romantic, huh?), married at Knott's Berry Farm on 10.25.97

4. Are you making dinner or going out for Valentine's Day?
had a Weight Watchers frozen dinner. Husband had to work, and i played bunco at my mom's house.

5. Do you exchange gifts?
sometimes. all i ever really want is a card & flowers. His fault: he would always bring me roses when i would come to see him on weekends. (he lived in San Diego, i was in Long Beach & would take the train down every weekend. So cool. It was like a mini vacation every weekend)

this year, i got two cards & a single rose. he got two polo shirts, two Alton Brown DVDs & two cards. i'd say he got spoiled!

Which allows me to spin the tale of our first Valentine's day.

The year was 1995. Clinton was still in office, and i have no short term memory to tell you what the hit TV show was (probably Friends), the hit song, or anything like that.

All i know is that El Nino had come to Southern California, and the whole damn state was about to float away.

It rained. And rained. And rained some more. And Brendan had just gotten a new job, but the old job was reluctant to let him go. So, since Valentine's day was during the week, i had resigned my newly-in-love self that all i would get from Brendan was a loving phone call.

But - fate has other plans.

Towards the end of the day, our receptionist called me, telling me i had a "nice surprise" waiting for me at her desk. My heart was doing all kinds of gymnastics, thinking he had sent me some flowers.

He did. A dozen red roses.

Along with himself, in a suit. (oh, and an umbrella)

Sweet boy had braved the flood waters (not exaggerating. two days before, my car was flooded from the bottom of the doors on my car from water i was driving, er, navigating through), and had contacted my best friend to find out the best place for us to go for dinner.


So cool. That's the really bitching thing about new romance. You both try SO HARD to impress the other - it's sad that we all lose the desire to, well, continue to impress our mate/significant other. We just stop trying.

It was a really sweet moment. And sweet is such a lame word. Sufficicent to say that that night is filed under "Never to be Forgotten Moments."

I pray that if i ever got Alzheimers, that the Lord would let me keep that memory alive.

Feb 14, 2006

just sharing the love...

and to tell you thanks for sharing yours.

thanks for all your comments - good, bad, whatever. i appreciate everything you say about this little ego stroke i call my blog.

you guys rock.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Territorial little bugger...

Ah, the love of a child. The most pure, unselfish love a person can receive.

(or buy.)

Now, it's not much of a secret that myself & the Husband are the A#1 uncle & auntie of my sister in law's kids. It could be because auntie isn't much more than a really big kid. Or maybe because the niece has Husband wrapped around her little 3 yr.old finger.

"You want me to shoot myself in the foot, baby? No problem."

Or it could be because anytime we come up, we bring presents.

Hey, i'm not proud. I'll buy their love.

So i told you that story to tell you this one.

I mailed some stuff up to my SIL, and among the goodies were copies of my entries for the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. SIL was looking at them, and handing back to the kids so they could look, too (because kids are nosy!).

Then, from the confines of his booster seat, my nephew spews contemptuously, "Who's THAT kid!"

The layout in question is a picture of Husband and my best friend's son, each looking in a different direction. My take on the photo was how my Husband was looking back, possibly remembering when he was Dakota's age. And Dakota, looking towards his future - wide open to all possibilities.

Apparently, the Nephew is quite territorial. There can be no other nephews for my husband. But, my sister in law asks, what about your cousins?

They don't love him like I do, he responds.

Ah, the concept of sharing.

The boy was definitely not happy about there being other kids we love besides himself and his sister. And that spawned other conversations...

SIL's friend comes over for a visit. Come give your aunt Kimmie a hug, she says. The nephew responds with, I'll hug you, but you're not my real auntie - Aunt Valerie is my real auntie.

How to explain that love encompasses lots of people? That the human heart can expand to care about so many people? That regardless of blood, love is love and family is not based on blood lines?

Art Linkletter was right. Kids say the darndest things.

Dispensing some Justice...

Yes, once again, i'm off to jury duty.

They must love me. They seem to get me every other year.

And never get my husband.

Whazzup wid dat?

Oh well. At least here in the O.C., it's one day/one trial. I only have to drive about 30 minutes. AND it's about 15 minutes from one of my favorite scrapbook stores.

Let's see...1-1 1/2 hour lunch, 30 minutes round trip...yeah, i should make it!

Keep your fingers crossed that i do NOT get on a trial. Got too much going on at home and especially at work this month for me to be gone.

Hey, at least this is better then when i lived in Long Beach; i always ended up going to downtown L.A. EVERY TIME. And there are some real badasses up there, too. Scary things, people.

Justice is supposed to be blind. But when you see some of these people, fugettaboutit. You can't help but automatically say "they had to have done something - or they wouldn't have gotten arrested."

Justice may be blind, but humans generally aren't.

Feb 11, 2006

Some things were just MEANT to be SHARED...

See's candy (not really, but i'm trying to be generous).
did i mention See's candy?

ah yes, germs.

see, B was complaining about sniffles earlier this week. But with all the fires we had going on, i really didn't think too much about it. It was wreaking havoc on my sinuses, too.

Until Thursday. When he started sounding like Barry White. Complaining about a sore throat. Body aches. Basically feeling like crap.

And B, like some men & women, is worse than a kid when sick. Whining. Wants to be left alone, but pay attention to me. Pamper me. Take CARE of me, dammit.

Then came Friday. He's feeling much better, thank you very much, but can you still make me some chicken tortellini soup?

But wait - who's that sniffling & sneezing? Ohhhhhhhhh...It's me.

Thank you very much honey.

I had to work today, too. Well, i probably didn't, but if we have overtime next week, i can't go - Scrapbook Expo all weekend @ the OC Fairgrounds. Three days of classes and shopping and meeting friends. Yum.

So before work, a field trip to Walgreen's. Thanks be to the Wise Ones that invented the concept of a 24hr pharmacy. This allows me to stock up on OJ, Advil Cold & Sinus, tissue and Airborne.

(note: if you haven't tried Airborne, do so. It's great. They even have sore throat gummies that ROCK. And they taste good, too!)

Oh and did i mention i've been up since 1a.m.? That's when the other cold medicine i took wore off. Same thing happens when i take NyQuil. Damn. Didn't used to, but i notice the older i get, the medicines i used to take work differently than they used to.

So - it's lots of the WW veggie soup (0 points. gotta lose that pound plus) for me.

But i could sure use some TLC. Husband's at work, and 'sides, he's not the best of nurses. The occasional check if one is still alive is sufficient for him.


No tears, though. If i start, i really won't be able to breathe.

i want my mommy!

Feb 10, 2006

i SO love being a girl...

well, most of the time.

(we just won't mention "that time of the month.")

or, as a friend once told me, as we walked through Mervyn's "if my uterus drops out, just pick it up for me."

at WW tonight, i gained a pound.

one stinking pound. this sucks.

best i can figure, is, well....it's water gain.

not to mention that i've got a head cold, caught from darling husband and basically feel like crap.

oh, and i get to work tomorrow.

one pound. bloody, bloody hell.

but...i did something really fun tonight.

i went shopping.

used giftcards i got for my birthday last May (May?!) & bought Escada's new summer fragrance (they come out with a new one each summer), Pacific Palisades. i LOVE these scents. they're totally me: citrusy, fresh (well, as fresh as i'm gonna be at my age) & light.

nothing like new scent to make a girl feel...well, girly.

even if nothing else is girly.

this just ain't right...

just ain't right at all.

(sorry the picture got cut off. but these two new flavors are Turtle & Peanut Butter. basically, caramel & chocolate, and a Reese's.

eat 'em up, yum. but not on program.)

Typhoid Mary lives here.

Well, Typhoid Harry, then.

Been up since three a.m. (did you know there was a 3 a.m.? i didn't. i thought it only existed in emergencies) because Harry here won't take a) cough syrup or b) cold medicine before he goes to bed.

So, not-so-loving Wife wakes up to the sounds of the Snot Factory in full swing - with a full crew.

Don't i paint a picture?

He's been complaining about not feeling well for a few days. Well, with the fires out here, it really messes with those that are sensitive, have allergies, or just plain don't take care of themselves.

i am in the allergy category. He just doesn't take care of himself like he should.

And, not to offend my male readers, but dang. When he gets sick he's a cranky, whiny bee-atch.

i don't believe my 5yr. old nephew is as bad.

Anyways, let's hope this passes quickly. For his sake as well as mine. i'm not a very good nurse (Cyn! teach me what you know, Obi-Wan!) and he's so not a good patient.

In other news...
* Finally got the whole disability thing straightened out. And in my favor, woo-hoo! Not sure if i just made my case or if they decided to grant me my extra month of disability because they were sick of my constant phone calls & faxes. In either case, it is finished.

* Last week, i mailed my CK Hall of Fame entries. Seriously don't think i have a chance, but it was cool to enter. Seriously, the assignments were challening. Feel like i stretched a bit outta my zone.

* Finally saw the classes for CKU...and i gotta say i'm not that impressed. I'm sorry - and yes, there could be something wrong with me, but if i'm gonna spend $400+ on a weekend, it better be orgasmic. Right now, i'm not even feeling a tickle. Sis-in-law & i are gonna reinvestigate.
I'd rather spend that money & go to Disneyland with the kids. Spend a weekend in Vegas or Reno. Or just spend the weekend with my SIL drinking chardonnay & tequila. (ain't i classy?)

* The Niece turns three this weekend. Best Friend's son turns 9 near the end of the month. Where has time gone, and at what age for me did time go from moving s-o s-l-o-w-l-y to beyond light speed? i was in Reno when Niece was born. We were engaged when BFS made his debut. Don't like this growing up thing. Not one bit.

Happy Friday. Be good humans.

125 & feelin' fine...

No, not my weight.

That's how many times i've gotten up on this virtual soapbox to blab.


Whodathunkit - that i could find that much (or little) to write about (and the Greek Chorus moans, "us, too").

Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks for reading.

Thanks for checking me out.

Feb 9, 2006

translating nail-eese

had a pedicure today. and it was fabulous. paid WAY too much money for extra massage time, but bloody hell it was good.

not sure about where you live, but here, there are a plethora of nail shops where, well, english isn't the native tongue.

i don't care.

i do have a friend, who, when she goes to those shops, gets completely paranoid about them speaking in their own native tongue. she's convinced they are talking about her.

let's assume, just for a minute, that they are. what could it be about?

"dang. this girl has some major dead skin. i will be scrubbing till closing just to get part of it off."


" there is a serious issue with these heels. has anyone ever seen anything like this?"

or even

"can you believe she picked this color? gawd! it's hideous!"

or maybe, just maybe...it has nothing to do with my friend. or any client. could it be, that they are just talking to each other about life? husbands, kids, what's for dinner...how hard could it be?

but i guess you just really want to believe that the world does revolve around you.

and that you're the topic of conversation. no matter where you are.

Feb 8, 2006

Could you Do this?

hmmmm...i'm not sure. It's a cool story. i may even buy the book.

What's Making Me Happy - RIGHT NOW.

* sunrises. been actually able to see a few on my way to work in the a.m. (i go west and the sun, well...) and despite the fact that smoke from the fires are bad, they DO make for some beautiful sunrises. all those shades of orange - yummy.

* chocolate cake. well, not NORMAL Duncan Hines covered in milk chocolate frosting. but the WW chocolate cake for three points.

* pedicures. never have been a true "girly-girl," but nothing is better than sitting in a spa chair getting my bum massaged while someone else is massaging my feet.

* scrapbooking. haven't done much lately but tonight started working on a mini album. just reminded me again of why i love this art form. love it.

* back surgery. i know - as much whining as i did about it, it truly is one of the best decisions i ever made.

* my family. extended & otherwise. my sister-in-law, her husband, those kids...my best friend and her kids. lots of love going on here. lots of love.

* my husband. 'nuff said.

If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad.

Didja notice California is burning?

Once again.

Usually this happens in September.

But it's snowing ash here in my corner of the O.C. - and the news just posted that there's another fire up in Calabasas..about 80 miles north.

And now they think that the O.C. fire was started by the fire department, trying to do a controlled burn that frankly got un-controlled.


Thankfully, it looks like no homes will be lost.

But who will save us from ourselves?

Ode to Niagra Falls...

You know what i really hate about WW...and dieting in general?

Drinking water.

Not water itself - although i AM thankful for those Crystal Light "To Go" packets. Toss one in your water and you're good to go..at zero calories and lotsa flavor.

(thus endth the commercial. we now return you to your regularly scheduled blah, blah, blah.)

No, i have no problem with water.

I do, however, have a problem peeing.

It's not peeing itself. Everything works fine in my plumbing, thank you very much. It's just that when you're introducing that much water into any vessel, the excess has gotta go (no pun intended) somewhere.

Yesterday from 11 a.m. till 3:45 when i left work, i was on my way to the ladies room (and for the record, unlike some of my sisteren, i go by myself. No entourage needed here, kids.) every bloody hour.

Sometimes, i got the chonies off just in time.

At the grocery store, i abandoned my carrots & mushrooms just to make a slide into home base. And yes, i was safe.

It's another one of those little side effects, left over from the back surgery - control over...down there had gotten much better. Actually, not from surgery, but from the herniated disk itself..i do have some nerve damage. But really, it's still amazing to me how just one little mis-alignment (her evil twin is Miss Congenitality) can effect sooooooooo much in the human body.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

But back to my peeing.

Yesterday, i truly wished for Depends. It just would've been nice instead of having to excuse myself and run like hell. But then, i doubt if i really could use them.

Travel back with me, for a minute, to October 2005. To the hospital where your friend, me, is laying back in a hospital bed...

...with a bedpan under my arse.

For whatever reason, they don't seem to want you to walk after back surgery. Huh! Imagine that!

Now imagine that, even with a bedpan at the ready, i cannot go.

Not one drop. Because my roommate and her visitor are yakking. Non stop.
My plumbing has puckered up tighter than....well, i can't think of a good analogy. Sufficed it to say that just when i start to relax enough to pee, they start talking again.

I try bribing the nurse. $10 if you let me go to the restroom. Carry me, wheel me, drag me - whatever. JUST LET ME PEE IN A TOILET WITH THE DOOR CLOSED.

No go. Damn them and their moral standards!

Finally, i do manage to relax enough to release the floodgate. And believe me, i never was so proud when they did allow me to shuffle to the restroom like a big girl.

So although drinking water is good for the body, it's hard on the plumbing. And it's a lot like beer...you don't buy it, you only rent.

Feb 4, 2006

haven't hear this in a LONG time...

So last night, i went to WW, weighed in (down .8lbs, thank you for asking) and decided to wait for the meeting to start. (BIG mistake. the leader reminded me of a elementary school teacher teaching 3rd graders)

People watching is fun, isn't it?

There's an older woman, who dang near ran me over in the parking lot. She wears scrubs, but doesn't look like a daily shower is part of her activities. And hair washing is a weekly, not a daily or even every other daily thing. Oh, and let's not forget the skinny little she-hags who need WW like i need a double banana split. Then there's the man who fell asleep during the meeting. Watching his head snap was like watching...well, i was going to say it was like watching a sunflower bob in the breeze, but that's too poetic.

Well, behind me, waiting in line for weigh-in is a woman i work with, chatting with another woman. i turn around to talk, and the "other woman" says, about me,
"Doesn't she have the most beautiful skin? It's just like porcelain."

This is something i haven't heard since high school.

Now, before you think i've gone completely narcisstic, know this: i have rosecea.

Nothing contagious. It's a skin condition that usually affects we Northern Atlantic folk. In mild stages, it causes redness on the face. Like a never-ending sunburn. In severe cases, it causes huge zits that never go away, and in some cases can cause deformity of the nose.

Think W.C. Fields. He had roseacea.

I was somewhere in the middle.

Well, still am. It never really goes away.

But when i was 19, i had one spot. Red, scabby, on my torso. It spread all over my front & up my neck. The dermatologist told me it was rosecea.

By the time i was in my mid 20's...it was gone. No scars, no W.C. Fields' noses on my body.

Then came my early 30's, and it was back on my face. I was prescribed ointment and got crash courses in what makeup wouldn't irritate my face. B & i got married, and then begin the hell of baby-making. Between all the hormones i was put on, i couldn't use the ointment any longer, in case i did get pregnant, it could cause birth defects.

Great. Now i'm infertile and ugly.

But in the last two years, i've noticed a change. In my face. I don't have those horrible zity things. . .my face isn't nearly as red as it used to be...
...but it ain't porcelain.

But it's been a long LONG time since i've heard that.

Feb 3, 2006

yes, ANOTHER poll....

Stole...er, borrowed from the Creating Keepsakes message board...i'd love to see your answers, if you're so inclined.

1. Where did you meet your significant other?
Met the Husband on a blind date at Disneyland. My best friend's mom set us up. Remind me sometime to tell about our courtin' times.

2. How old were you when you met?
33 for me, 35 for him. i know - oldie moldies.

3. How long have you been together?
11 years this year. Married for 9.

4. Are you making dinner or going out for Valentine's Day?
Going out. Because Husband is working that night. So i'll be attending bunco @ my mom's house. Ah, the joy of spending Valentine's with a bunch of hens.

5. Do you exchange gifts?
Depends. I'm more about the card. Give me a heartfelt, almost mushy card and i'm quite happy.

Love is in the air...in the rustle of the trees...

Words to Live By.....

A quote for today:

"Comedy is the art of making people laugh, without making them puke."
- Steve Martin

Feb 1, 2006

It's the little things that count.

Once again, defining the importance of being in the right place at the right time...consider the lowly comma. And it's place in the following telegram sent to the family of a very ill family member:

"Not getting any, better come at once."

'Nuff said.

Oh the times (and my boss) they are a-changing...

So - for the umteeth time in two years...i've moved & got a new boss.

You would think i'd be used to it by now.

You'd think.

Back in '04, when my boss was promoted to manager, i got a new boss...who took away my phone. OK - whatever, i can deal with that.

Then we had the Extreme Makeover in my department. The whole side of our building was remodeled. Time to move...twice...

Then came the assistant supervisor openings that a bunch of us applied for.

Yep - another boss. But i got my phone back.

Ah but with the boss, came another boss. Yes, i was being shared between two supervisors.

If you don't think that was fun...

Half-way through the year, i was told that although i would still be shared (insert cheesy 70's song 'Torn Between Two Lovers' here), i would report to one, instead of the other.

And i would be moving. Again.

So i moved. Stayed there for, oh...i think eight months.

Moved again yesterday.

I got moved to my friend's old spot, who was moved to a new supervisor. She's less than thrilled about it (and i don't blame her; i had to work for her too. VERY nice woman to be friends with, but as a supervisor...well...a complete 180 from her every day persona). But that's another blog.
"The Bosses i've had"

In my company, in my department especially, they like to change things up. Keeps people from getting complacent. Whatever. Apparently they never read the chapter about people crave stability. Especially in this day & age.

And by the end of the year, i've no doubt i'll have a new boss & a new desk.

In Other News...
Last night, in place of W's State of the Union ramblings, i watched part of A&E's "Flight 93"

Couldn't watch the whole thing. It still touches too many wounds. I agree that the people on that flight did what i'd want to believe i would do.

I just don't ever want the opportunity to find out.