Feb 8, 2006

What's Making Me Happy - RIGHT NOW.

* sunrises. been actually able to see a few on my way to work in the a.m. (i go west and the sun, well...) and despite the fact that smoke from the fires are bad, they DO make for some beautiful sunrises. all those shades of orange - yummy.

* chocolate cake. well, not NORMAL Duncan Hines covered in milk chocolate frosting. but the WW chocolate cake for three points.

* pedicures. never have been a true "girly-girl," but nothing is better than sitting in a spa chair getting my bum massaged while someone else is massaging my feet.

* scrapbooking. haven't done much lately but tonight started working on a mini album. just reminded me again of why i love this art form. love it.

* back surgery. i know - as much whining as i did about it, it truly is one of the best decisions i ever made.

* my family. extended & otherwise. my sister-in-law, her husband, those kids...my best friend and her kids. lots of love going on here. lots of love.

* my husband. 'nuff said.

If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad.

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LongBeachLori said...

Hey, wanna get pedicures this weekend? I'm due...