Feb 10, 2006

i SO love being a girl...

well, most of the time.

(we just won't mention "that time of the month.")

or, as a friend once told me, as we walked through Mervyn's "if my uterus drops out, just pick it up for me."

at WW tonight, i gained a pound.

one stinking pound. this sucks.

best i can figure, is, well....it's water gain.

not to mention that i've got a head cold, caught from darling husband and basically feel like crap.

oh, and i get to work tomorrow.

one pound. bloody, bloody hell.

but...i did something really fun tonight.

i went shopping.

used giftcards i got for my birthday last May (May?!) & bought Escada's new summer fragrance (they come out with a new one each summer), Pacific Palisades. i LOVE these scents. they're totally me: citrusy, fresh (well, as fresh as i'm gonna be at my age) & light.

nothing like new scent to make a girl feel...well, girly.

even if nothing else is girly.

1 comment:

doodlebugmom said...

Remember when you lose a pound its "a whole pound!" ...when you gain one...its "just a pound." :o)

You are still way ahead of the game. Don't worry about a little set back.

Enjoy your new fragrance, what a sweet little pick-me-up!