Feb 17, 2006

Scrapbook Expose - Day Uno

not bad.

not great, (except for the Lil' Davis Designs class....GO MICHELLE!!!) but OK, i guess.

only got into the first expo hall for shopping...and i wasn't impressed with that EXCEPT for the store that sold mini albums, chipboard covers, filler pages & ribbons included for different kinds of projects. i got the one with the Mickey Mouse shape cut out of the cover...this will be PERFECT for a mini album i'm planning for the Nephew's Big Trip to Disneyland next month with Mommy. Uncle Brendan is planning on making an appearance, work be damned.
also found some super cute paper with Sorcerer's hats in red & black for an autograph album i want to make for him as well.

now if i can only come up with an idea for my calendar.

see, now the Nephew is bugging Mommy EVERY DAY: "when do we go to Disneyland? is it tomorrow? is it the day after that??" so i came up with the bright idea of making a calendar so he can mark off days...like an Advent calendar, but with Mickey.

now i need something to use so he can mark off each day.

didn't see many stickers of the Mouse that would be small enough. then again, i was only in the one exhibit hall.

i'm hoping to get my hands on the new BasicGrey Urban Courture paper. i used a little of it in a class today and it was sooooooooooooo cool. must. own. some. now.

like i said, the Lil' Davis Design class was the bomb. we made a mini family album that totally rocked. EVERYTHING just came together - stars aligned, angels sang...you get the idea.

(pictures posted later, got a headache & don't feel like messing with camera. sorry)

just hoping that tomorrow is better. at least better shopping.

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Jeff said...

Sounds like it is all coming together. By the way, Ozzie is , thank God, back to his crazy rebel self.