Feb 11, 2006

Some things were just MEANT to be SHARED...

See's candy (not really, but i'm trying to be generous).
did i mention See's candy?

ah yes, germs.

see, B was complaining about sniffles earlier this week. But with all the fires we had going on, i really didn't think too much about it. It was wreaking havoc on my sinuses, too.

Until Thursday. When he started sounding like Barry White. Complaining about a sore throat. Body aches. Basically feeling like crap.

And B, like some men & women, is worse than a kid when sick. Whining. Wants to be left alone, but pay attention to me. Pamper me. Take CARE of me, dammit.

Then came Friday. He's feeling much better, thank you very much, but can you still make me some chicken tortellini soup?

But wait - who's that sniffling & sneezing? Ohhhhhhhhh...It's me.

Thank you very much honey.

I had to work today, too. Well, i probably didn't, but if we have overtime next week, i can't go - Scrapbook Expo all weekend @ the OC Fairgrounds. Three days of classes and shopping and meeting friends. Yum.

So before work, a field trip to Walgreen's. Thanks be to the Wise Ones that invented the concept of a 24hr pharmacy. This allows me to stock up on OJ, Advil Cold & Sinus, tissue and Airborne.

(note: if you haven't tried Airborne, do so. It's great. They even have sore throat gummies that ROCK. And they taste good, too!)

Oh and did i mention i've been up since 1a.m.? That's when the other cold medicine i took wore off. Same thing happens when i take NyQuil. Damn. Didn't used to, but i notice the older i get, the medicines i used to take work differently than they used to.

So - it's lots of the WW veggie soup (0 points. gotta lose that pound plus) for me.

But i could sure use some TLC. Husband's at work, and 'sides, he's not the best of nurses. The occasional check if one is still alive is sufficient for him.


No tears, though. If i start, i really won't be able to breathe.

i want my mommy!

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doodlebugmom said...

Hope you are feeling better.

Gotta love all the cold medicine! :o)