Feb 4, 2006

haven't hear this in a LONG time...

So last night, i went to WW, weighed in (down .8lbs, thank you for asking) and decided to wait for the meeting to start. (BIG mistake. the leader reminded me of a elementary school teacher teaching 3rd graders)

People watching is fun, isn't it?

There's an older woman, who dang near ran me over in the parking lot. She wears scrubs, but doesn't look like a daily shower is part of her activities. And hair washing is a weekly, not a daily or even every other daily thing. Oh, and let's not forget the skinny little she-hags who need WW like i need a double banana split. Then there's the man who fell asleep during the meeting. Watching his head snap was like watching...well, i was going to say it was like watching a sunflower bob in the breeze, but that's too poetic.

Well, behind me, waiting in line for weigh-in is a woman i work with, chatting with another woman. i turn around to talk, and the "other woman" says, about me,
"Doesn't she have the most beautiful skin? It's just like porcelain."

This is something i haven't heard since high school.

Now, before you think i've gone completely narcisstic, know this: i have rosecea.

Nothing contagious. It's a skin condition that usually affects we Northern Atlantic folk. In mild stages, it causes redness on the face. Like a never-ending sunburn. In severe cases, it causes huge zits that never go away, and in some cases can cause deformity of the nose.

Think W.C. Fields. He had roseacea.

I was somewhere in the middle.

Well, still am. It never really goes away.

But when i was 19, i had one spot. Red, scabby, on my torso. It spread all over my front & up my neck. The dermatologist told me it was rosecea.

By the time i was in my mid 20's...it was gone. No scars, no W.C. Fields' noses on my body.

Then came my early 30's, and it was back on my face. I was prescribed ointment and got crash courses in what makeup wouldn't irritate my face. B & i got married, and then begin the hell of baby-making. Between all the hormones i was put on, i couldn't use the ointment any longer, in case i did get pregnant, it could cause birth defects.

Great. Now i'm infertile and ugly.

But in the last two years, i've noticed a change. In my face. I don't have those horrible zity things. . .my face isn't nearly as red as it used to be...
...but it ain't porcelain.

But it's been a long LONG time since i've heard that.


doodlebugmom said...

8# Congratulations!

I saw your picture on DD's blog, you are BEAUFITUL! Take that compliment and savor it!

Doug Bagley said...

Well said, doodlebugmom.
Val, great job on the weight loss, and at the next w.w. meeting, when that guy falls asleep, wake him up, convince him he's at church and they've just invited him up to say a closing prayer. I'd pay to that!

LongBeachLori said...

hey val! i wanna learn bunco, invite me next time please!
xoxo lori