Feb 15, 2006

shameless theivery...

Stolen from Linda's website. Thanks for not proscuting. :o)

1. Where did you meet your significant other?
on a blind date at Disneyland. We were introduced through my best friend & her mom..her mom worked with Brendan & decided that even though i was "loud" (according to her mom), i was still fun.

loud?! moi?!

2. How old were you when you met?
32 (me) & 34 (him). we be old courtin' farts.

3. How long have you been together?
our first date was before Christmas in 1994. Seriously, one of the best presents i ever got. We were engaged at midnight, New Year's Eve 1996 (i wanted to go to bed. i was tired. sick of watching Dick Clark. HE wouldn't let me go to bed, so i stayed up, disgruntled, playing solitare on the computer. Romantic, huh?), married at Knott's Berry Farm on 10.25.97

4. Are you making dinner or going out for Valentine's Day?
had a Weight Watchers frozen dinner. Husband had to work, and i played bunco at my mom's house.

5. Do you exchange gifts?
sometimes. all i ever really want is a card & flowers. His fault: he would always bring me roses when i would come to see him on weekends. (he lived in San Diego, i was in Long Beach & would take the train down every weekend. So cool. It was like a mini vacation every weekend)

this year, i got two cards & a single rose. he got two polo shirts, two Alton Brown DVDs & two cards. i'd say he got spoiled!

Which allows me to spin the tale of our first Valentine's day.

The year was 1995. Clinton was still in office, and i have no short term memory to tell you what the hit TV show was (probably Friends), the hit song, or anything like that.

All i know is that El Nino had come to Southern California, and the whole damn state was about to float away.

It rained. And rained. And rained some more. And Brendan had just gotten a new job, but the old job was reluctant to let him go. So, since Valentine's day was during the week, i had resigned my newly-in-love self that all i would get from Brendan was a loving phone call.

But - fate has other plans.

Towards the end of the day, our receptionist called me, telling me i had a "nice surprise" waiting for me at her desk. My heart was doing all kinds of gymnastics, thinking he had sent me some flowers.

He did. A dozen red roses.

Along with himself, in a suit. (oh, and an umbrella)

Sweet boy had braved the flood waters (not exaggerating. two days before, my car was flooded from the bottom of the doors on my car from water i was driving, er, navigating through), and had contacted my best friend to find out the best place for us to go for dinner.


So cool. That's the really bitching thing about new romance. You both try SO HARD to impress the other - it's sad that we all lose the desire to, well, continue to impress our mate/significant other. We just stop trying.

It was a really sweet moment. And sweet is such a lame word. Sufficicent to say that that night is filed under "Never to be Forgotten Moments."

I pray that if i ever got Alzheimers, that the Lord would let me keep that memory alive.

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doodlebugmom said...

I think that happens because we are comfortable with each other. We love our hunnies faults and all.