Feb 20, 2006

how old are we?

i mean, really.

i'm almost 44. allegedly an adult. so you would expect more of me, right?

so i'll confess. we snuck into a movie today.

yep. snuck into a movie. saw the Pink Panther AND Hoodwinked.

saw Hoodwinked first. it was cute, but not great. damn. i REALLY wanted it to be funny, the stuff i saw on it looked hysterical. just wasn't that funny.

so afterwards, the Husband & i, talked about seeing another movie (i actually brought it up, but just as a joke. really. a joke). and we decided to see Pink Panther, which was OK, but not gonna make me forget Peter Sellers. but Steve Martin...he's always funny. and Kevin Klien..who's really one of the more underrated actors out there.

so there we were. giggling like two maniacs. "hee, hee, heee...we snuck into a movie..."
but i don't feel too bad. at $7.50 a head, i at least feel like i got my money's worth. oh, and the Husband bought lunch (snacks?): two hot dawgs, small popcorn, bottle water & small soda - all for $20.

no wonder we rent most of the time.


Doug Bagley said...

Well, if sneaking into a movie is the worst thing you ever do in life you're way ahead of most of the rest of us.
Glad you enjoyed Braddock's lyrics. Though he wrote that song years ago it's still right on.

doodlebugmom said...

I lilve in the sticks, movies are still $2.5o...of course we are the last to get the movies, they are often on dvd the NEXT weekend.

Popcorn is 50 cents. So is pop. And candy. Cept for the charms sweet and sours, they are a nickel.


Tina said...

I'm reporting you to the police.

Just kidding.

I'm just jealous you've seen two movies. In a theater. Like a grown-up.