Feb 10, 2006

Typhoid Mary lives here.

Well, Typhoid Harry, then.

Been up since three a.m. (did you know there was a 3 a.m.? i didn't. i thought it only existed in emergencies) because Harry here won't take a) cough syrup or b) cold medicine before he goes to bed.

So, not-so-loving Wife wakes up to the sounds of the Snot Factory in full swing - with a full crew.

Don't i paint a picture?

He's been complaining about not feeling well for a few days. Well, with the fires out here, it really messes with those that are sensitive, have allergies, or just plain don't take care of themselves.

i am in the allergy category. He just doesn't take care of himself like he should.

And, not to offend my male readers, but dang. When he gets sick he's a cranky, whiny bee-atch.

i don't believe my 5yr. old nephew is as bad.

Anyways, let's hope this passes quickly. For his sake as well as mine. i'm not a very good nurse (Cyn! teach me what you know, Obi-Wan!) and he's so not a good patient.

In other news...
* Finally got the whole disability thing straightened out. And in my favor, woo-hoo! Not sure if i just made my case or if they decided to grant me my extra month of disability because they were sick of my constant phone calls & faxes. In either case, it is finished.

* Last week, i mailed my CK Hall of Fame entries. Seriously don't think i have a chance, but it was cool to enter. Seriously, the assignments were challening. Feel like i stretched a bit outta my zone.

* Finally saw the classes for CKU...and i gotta say i'm not that impressed. I'm sorry - and yes, there could be something wrong with me, but if i'm gonna spend $400+ on a weekend, it better be orgasmic. Right now, i'm not even feeling a tickle. Sis-in-law & i are gonna reinvestigate.
I'd rather spend that money & go to Disneyland with the kids. Spend a weekend in Vegas or Reno. Or just spend the weekend with my SIL drinking chardonnay & tequila. (ain't i classy?)

* The Niece turns three this weekend. Best Friend's son turns 9 near the end of the month. Where has time gone, and at what age for me did time go from moving s-o s-l-o-w-l-y to beyond light speed? i was in Reno when Niece was born. We were engaged when BFS made his debut. Don't like this growing up thing. Not one bit.

Happy Friday. Be good humans.

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