Feb 14, 2006

Dispensing some Justice...

Yes, once again, i'm off to jury duty.

They must love me. They seem to get me every other year.

And never get my husband.

Whazzup wid dat?

Oh well. At least here in the O.C., it's one day/one trial. I only have to drive about 30 minutes. AND it's about 15 minutes from one of my favorite scrapbook stores.

Let's see...1-1 1/2 hour lunch, 30 minutes round trip...yeah, i should make it!

Keep your fingers crossed that i do NOT get on a trial. Got too much going on at home and especially at work this month for me to be gone.

Hey, at least this is better then when i lived in Long Beach; i always ended up going to downtown L.A. EVERY TIME. And there are some real badasses up there, too. Scary things, people.

Justice is supposed to be blind. But when you see some of these people, fugettaboutit. You can't help but automatically say "they had to have done something - or they wouldn't have gotten arrested."

Justice may be blind, but humans generally aren't.

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doodlebugmom said...

I was a substitite juror one day, yep only one day. I would make a terrible juror. I know I could not be impartial.