Apr 28, 2010

it's the moon, i swear.

one of the pleasures of growing...um...more mature...is that the things that made our lives hell as teenagers and young adults, doesn't bother us as much or at all.

the drawback is that some of the stuff DOES bother us much more than it did before.

people smacking you around for what they believed you said/did. then after the fact, go on as if nothing happened.

c'mon. seriously? did we not leave this crud back in jr. high/high school? nope? oh. sorry.

how stupid of me to assume people grow up.

another thing that bothers me more now (gentlemen, you might want to turn away for a bit) is...ahem...that time of the month.
i mean honestly, if the plumbing isn't working and doing me a damn bit of good in the baby department, does it really have to rebel and try to claw its way out through my belly?

(BTW, Uterus, if you're reading this, could you please take the belly and part of my arse with you? much obliged.)

i also notice i am FAR more susceptible to the waining of the moon. my mood can change on a dime and woe be unto you if you look at me cross eyed. even if you haven't done anything.
i will kill you and bury your sorry butt somewhere in the Nevada desert. maybe next to Jimmy Hoffa.

on the other hand, i still love daisies, bunnies, puppies, kittens, cute clothes and makeup.

irrational - thy name is Valerie. peace out.

Apr 24, 2010

aliens have abducted my brain!

i was probed!

no, wait - i was probed AND felt up.

no, wait - that might not be too bad.

i was abducted, however...by the fiend known as Facebook.

duuuude. it's totally addicting. not to mention the games i play, farming and such, that my friends laugh at me for doing.

what the heck - they're free for the most part (right Maureen?!) and beats me hanging out at the corner market with my hooligan friends.

oh, wait....i gave up my hooligan friends back in 79. oh well.

besides, when my best friend is HOUNDING me to start blogging again, well, i guess it's easier to do that than to get HER on FB. (hint - hint - hint? stop laughing, K)

and i'd love to entertain you with a long, loving list of what i've been doing since my last post but the sad fact is, nothing i've done has been particularly entertaining. or interesting.

so there you go.
i will try to be a better blogger kids, both here and on the picture gallery.

man. it's good to be free from the aliens. or not.