Apr 24, 2010

aliens have abducted my brain!

i was probed!

no, wait - i was probed AND felt up.

no, wait - that might not be too bad.

i was abducted, however...by the fiend known as Facebook.

duuuude. it's totally addicting. not to mention the games i play, farming and such, that my friends laugh at me for doing.

what the heck - they're free for the most part (right Maureen?!) and beats me hanging out at the corner market with my hooligan friends.

oh, wait....i gave up my hooligan friends back in 79. oh well.

besides, when my best friend is HOUNDING me to start blogging again, well, i guess it's easier to do that than to get HER on FB. (hint - hint - hint? stop laughing, K)

and i'd love to entertain you with a long, loving list of what i've been doing since my last post but the sad fact is, nothing i've done has been particularly entertaining. or interesting.

so there you go.
i will try to be a better blogger kids, both here and on the picture gallery.

man. it's good to be free from the aliens. or not.


Dapoppins said...

Your blogged popped up in my reader and it had been so long I thought, WHO is that!

Melissa said...

So now that YOU have come back to Blogland, guess I'll have to make my way back from the Facebook darkside!