Oct 30, 2007

life goes on.

Robert Goulet passed away today.
and even though i never saw him perform live, i always liked him

secret guilty pleasure #1,658,278.

i loved his voice. i laughed at him when he was on the Simpsons, as himself, performing his show in Bart's treehouse. loved a commercial he was in recently for nuts - if you didn't eat these nuts, Robert would come to your office and destroy your desk, because your sugar was low.

or something like that.

even though he wasn't on Saturday Night Live, when Will Ferrell did this, i laughed. hard.

because i am one sick pup.

Robert Goulet was one talented fellah. he will be missed.

in other news...

in case you hadn't noticed, by the lack of candy in ANY store, including 7/11s and gas stations, Halloween is tomorrow.

work is having a costume contest, and no, i'm not entering. this has been one weird, wild and wonderfully stressed year here, and i'm just not into it. so, unfortunately, my department will be deprived of such classics as "Brittany Spears @ 40"

please don't make me describe it. i'm sure there are still people suffering flashbacks. suffice it to say there was a wig, a crop top, stilettos and a borrowed cig.


anywhooooo - Halloween is fun - for kids and most adults. before i married, the Parental Units had a TON of kids come trick or treating.

i think they bussed them in from other nearby cities/neighborhoods..

so, since we have kids here in our complex, on my first married Halloween, i was stoked. LOVED handing out candy, seeing the costumes, especially on the little kids. loved.it. and off to Target i went.

$50 later, i was prepared. i settled in for a night of fun. that never materialized.

i know! that sucked. $50 worth of candy and not one nibble.

needless to say, i learned my lesson. no more candy purchases for us.

last year. a.knock.at.my.door. holy crud. i have nothing to give, except some stale bread and macaroni.

do kids these days like that stuff?

this year, i'm getting the treat, instead of giving 'em.

Husband and i are going to a Kings hockey game. and we're gonna watch it in one of the skyboxes.

yep.yep.yep.yep.yep. you may touch my hand.

the Big Boss called today and asked if Husband and i would be interested. i don't think he's really that interested (not much of a sports fan), but hey - even roller derby would look good from a skybox.

there will be others there from my work. the bummer is, we have to drive to the Staples Center, in downtown LA - and driving to LA at any point of time is challenging, but during rush hour? well, there MUST be something wrong with me.

trust me - all will be forgotten after i get in the skybox. and i don't even need to ring a doorbell to get there.

pictures will be forthcoming.

Happy Halloween. may you get only Marathon bars and no rocks in your goody bag.

Oct 28, 2007


we celebrate many things in this life: births, weddings, anniversaries, even deaths.

don't believe me about the death one? what about when we go to someone's house after a service to eat?

Americans celebrate with food.

so last night, we food celebrated our anniversary. Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse. holy crap. it's goooooood.

we've been to them before, but have never gone to the newest one, a hop, skip and jump away from Disneyland. it.was.beautiful.
blown glass morning glories on the ceiling, framing huge windows. a lighted wine display that changed colors.

oh, and steak. really, really good steak.

and really good chopped salad.
really good shoestring potatoes
really good sauteed mushrooms.
and beyond good creme brulee.

oh yeah, good service, good company, good ambiance, blah, blah, blah.

dinner was great.

and for a few hours, we can pretend there's nothing else in the world but us. no pressures. no bills. no problems.

life is good.

happy anniversary, baby.

Oct 27, 2007

beer - not just for breakfast anymore!

but i don't LIKE Guinness! sheesh!
see? i've told y'all i'm a bitter broad!

What Beer Are You?

You are Guinness. You are brooding, bitter, and often in a dark, pensive mood. You are an intellectual and a dreamer, but your passion and emotions can sometimes get the better of you.
Find Your Character @ BrainFall.com

Oct 25, 2007

ten years.

i woke up with that gawdawful feeling in the pit of my belly.

i completely overslept.


barely time for a shower, i SO have no time for breakfast.

knock at the door. run to answer, still in my robe.

and it's amazing i HAD a robe.

it's SO windy out there, i hear. and puzzled, i open up the curtains.

the American Flag directly outside my window looks like it's starched flat. no waves to it at all.

holy crap.

another knock at the door. it's my friend and her daughter. ready for a fun-filled day.

i finally get my hair finished. make-up's on. i still don't know how i'm getting dressed.


i finally do get dressed. and i can't remember the last time someone wanted to take pictures of me after i got dressed.

goooooooo me!

we leave and walk down the stairs. a crowd has assembled at the bottom of the stairs...and all this because i managed to get dressed.

they applaud. i bow. they take pictures.


i take a moment to pray. i open my eyes and there's a bug. climbing.up.my.boobage. so, i flick it off me.

i then remember about the video camera. will the paparazzi never leave me be?

i got kissed.

we got married.

ten years ago, Husband and i stood in a hundred year old church, in the middle of Knott's Berry Farm and promised before God, our friends and family to love, honor and cherish.

it's been a ride. lots of ups, thankfully not as many downs. many tears. many stupid fights. some badly cooked meals. disappointments. victories. romance. and lots and lots and lots of dull, boring ordinary days.

i always say, every day we let each other live is a good day. i tease him that i would never kill him...why would i let him off so easily?

we laugh. we cry. we're silly. we're serious. we're good looking.

most days.

but he is my world. my life. and while i know that if i had to, i could go on without him, i never EVER want to have to find out how i would.

ten years. it's like, wow.

Oct 22, 2007


last Thursday was my father-in-law's birthday. he would've been 75.

it was a weird day for everyone in the family.

i really liked my father in law...he reminded me of the best of my Uncle Jimmy, before Alzheimer's stole him from me.

my father in law was cremated - then, my Husband and brother in law took the bro's plane out over the coast in San Diego and spread him to the four winds.

and before the Husband got a day job, would go down and, taking a tea bag, would share a cup of tea with his dad and sit and chat for awhile...telling him what was going on in his life.
but since the day job came around, Brendan hadn't been able to do as much visiting. this past Saturday, we remedied that.

it took awhile for Brendan to figure approximately where they did send their dad off on his final flight. in either case, like i told him, it's all about how it makes you feel.

so while he walked along the shoreline, i climbed up to the bluff to snap away.

and my favorite of the day...

miss you, Kevin.

well, DUH.

and no...it's not fuzzy. it's haze. from the smoke.

now i know what smoked salmon feels like.

you smell somthing?

if you live anywhere else in the world, and you wake up to the strong smell of smoke, methinks you would likely panic slightly, gather your wits, your loved ones and any and all important documents you might need and, depending on where you found the smoke was coming from, get the hell out of your home.

if, however, you live here where i do and wake up to smoke, you just realize that there's another dang wildfire here, close the windows and head out to the 'net to see where it is.
then, you see that the Governator has declared seven counties here as disaster areas due to wildfires.


so we have a few going on here. a big one in Malibu, which is about 60 miles west from us. it's probably that one that i can smell, but believe me when i say that it smells more like six miles from us, rather than 60.
[edited to add: ooops. i guess there's a fire also in Ontario, about 60 miles north of us, as well, and another one i think here in the O.C. the TV news is showing closures of roads in south O.C.]

here in Mostly Smoggy, er, Smokey California, we have these outta control winds called the Santa Anas. they're at their worst in September. and yes, this is October, but the winds were horrible yesterday.

they always effect those of us with allergies. my mom suffers the worst and usually ends up losing her voice for a few days. surprisingly, she hasn't. yet.

seriously, here you cannot have these kind of winds without having some kind of fire, somewhere.

waking up this morning, however, was like waking up in the middle of a bonfire...just without your biscuits burning. job one, was turning off the window fan in our bedroom. next, try to close some if not all of the windows.

and dang if i can't still smell it.

there will be a buttload of ash out there today. so it's a good thing i didn't wash my car yesterday. i thought about it, but just felt lazy.

see?! being lazy paid off!! HA! you were wrong, Mom!!

i remember some years ago when we had a pretty big fire out here, that the ash was settling pretty thickly on the wipers of my car. the asphalt was gray, instead of black.

the sky here usually has an orangy tinge to it, thanks to the smog. but today, it'll be brown.

so let's pray that the Santa Anas go away, so that the firemen can knock these fires out. that no more people lose their homes...or worse.

because if i wake up to the smell of something, i'd like it to be the smell of someone cooking me breakfast.

dream on, little girl. dream on.

Oct 21, 2007

it's just too dang early for this crap.

i've always been a sensitive sleeper. not one that can sleep through anything, unlike the Husband, i can wake up when the living room light goes on. (and just to clarify, the Husband has our lights on a remote/timer program. so if we go on vay-cay, the lights will go on, off on timers and it looks like someone's home)

and at 3:30 a.m. today, the living room light went on. couple that with some chick carrying on a conversation in the complex behind us by telling them to shut UP!

dang. my sentiments exactly.

let me paint you a pretty picture, Gentle Reader. Husband is in the middle of the bed. the cat is between my legs. my forehead is squashed on the pillow. my mouth is open, my tongue is sticking out and i'm drooling.

lovely, no?

back to the yeller.

thankfully, they got into a car and left after several "shut up!" "no, you shut up!"

i love witnessing a verbal exchange with the more intelligent members of our community.
so intriguing.

so here we are. watching infomercials for the Cricut (so wanting one), feeling sleepy, but i want to do some laundry this a.m. and be there when it opens @ 6am. no napping right now.

not that i really have a burning desire to do laundry, but i cannot seem to get the cat to do his fair share of housework.

lazy ass.

i actually don't mind doing laundry, and going to the laundromat is a chance to get caught up on either DVDs or read.

but for once, i would love it if the laundry fairies would take care of it for me, as well as make me sleep through idiots yelling and lights going on.

too much to ask?

Oct 19, 2007

eavesdropping and funerals.

heading upstairs to work this a.m., my fellow elevator riders included a woman my age, who freaking does NOT look 45. nor does her body look as if she's had three kids.


with her, is the trainer from the account management department. we join the conversation, already in progress.

"so she found someone in Arizona. i have no idea what came in her head."
"anyways, it's ridiculous. *snort* i don't know what gets in her head sometimes."

i'm thinking her youngest teenager pulled some crap. how wrong i was.
she turned to me, and actually rolled her eyes.

"my mom is getting a boob job. *snort again*"

thankfully the elevator doors opened and we all exited.

apparently, boob jobs are only for those 21-40. after that, well, you're just ridiculous.

kudos to this chick's mom. i'll bet cash she'll be the belle of the AARP ball.

on to the funeral.

today, my friend's mom was laid to rest. a simple service, occasionally punctuated by a funny story (unfortunately, most at her mom's expense), and the Snotty Remark by a Fellow Employee.

apparently, whenever my friend buries a parent, someone at my company needs to make a snot-ass remark.
i think it's in the rulebook.


years ago, when her father passed, at the service, the pastor asked if anyone had a story about her dad that they wanted to share.

story time lasted almost 20 minutes. it was heartwarming. one of the most cheerful funerals i've ever been to. people that had grown up in the neighborhood and maybe were starting down a wrong road. but because of this man, they were given a foundation they might not have had otherwise.

we left the service and got in the car. one of the girls who came with us to the service, known for her inappropriate & thoughtless comments said, "gah! i thought that would never end."

we were shocked silent for a minute. present company included.
it only took a minute.

i remember all of us shot her down. quickly. it was sweet, touching, it made me feel like i wish i had known him, etc.

as such, i vowed that for this service, poo-for-brains would not be invited.

unfortunately, one got in.

another girl one who knows and has done it all.

"man. he was preachy." she said.

you will be proud, Gentle Reader. i kept my mouth shut. it was tough, but in the spirit of the day, i managed.

here's another campaign promise. i will make it a federal law that any thoughtless or inappropriate comments made at a funerals, wakes, viewings and/or memorials will result in extended searches by the TSA on any and all flights, bus trips, cruises and even trips to the store.

that'll learn 'em, dern 'em.

today's service brought another fact to surface that i hadn't really thought of before. while i know my mom will go someday, i kind of forgot that i'm an only child. and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, my mother will likely outlive my stepfather.
so it'll be up to me to plan everything. and suddenly i felt very small and WAY too grown up.

i didn't like it.

but like everything else, i'll get the strength i need for that horrible day exactly when i need it.

so - to not end on a bummer of a note of a post, here's a good giggle for you.


hey. it works on pre-pubescent kids.

Oct 16, 2007

fear of flying.

in spite of Erica Jong, i do have a fear of flying.
i hate it.
(and yes, i do realize her fear of flying is completely different than mine. just go with me here)

i am reasonable, though...i understand that the majority of the time, it is the easiest way to get from point A to B, the Hilton commercial notwithstanding. don't try to sugar coat it, Madison Ave. i.hate.flying.

the Husband has no sympathy for me. see, he was born with the in-flight magazine in one hand and a list of all airport codes in the other. it's in his blood.
his brother sells airplanes and flies. their dad sold them for a short time, but also flew. at one point, most of the family worked in the travel industry.
his dad also started the Walt Disney Travel Co., many moons ago. oh and that he pissed of the president of Disneyland by racing on a moped through the parking lot frequently, but that's another post.
back to me. it is all about me, remember.

i've done most of my flying in my adult years...and actually have flown more in the last 12 years than in my whole 45 years.but.i.still.hate.it.
for some reason, take-offs scare the beejeebers out of me. not landings. strange, i know.
it didn't help that, years ago when i dated this one fellah, his father (who also was taking flying lessons) said to me "oh, you shouldn't worry about take-offs. worry about landings; they're controlled crashes."
thanks, ex-boyfriend's dad. don't help me.

but after meeting Brendan, there was a lot more flying in my future. trips to Vegas to visit the in-laws, later to Reno to see the Sister and all. honeymooning to Sedona. trips to Michigan and Florida.
then there was the fun work trips to Dallas and Philadelphia. trips i had to put on my Big Girl Panties and fly by myself.

fun, fun, fun, till the attendant takes the drink cart away.

but with all the fun of flying, i have discovered something: Southwest makes a killer Bloody Mary.and killer Bloody Marys make flying, for me, soooooooooooooo much easier. almost enjoyable. (i did say almost)

as i said before, Brendan doesn't get it. he doesn't understand why flying freaks me out. but i do. it's a control thing. as in i'm not in it. and for a control freak, it's a bad thing.
berry, berry bad.

so if i can't be in control of the giant flying Tylenol in the sky, i can be in control of how many Marys i date.
so just imagine, if you will, my frustration that our Thanksgiving flight leaves at 6am, before the airport bar does. which leaves me either to wait until they start drink service -or- fix one before we go.

but heck, even for me, 4:30 am is a wee bit early for a drinkie-poo.

thankfully, i've got until Thanksgiving to work this out.
if only all of life's problems were this easy to sort.

Oct 15, 2007


well, if you turn off comments, they will come.

my apologies to you, Gentle Reader, and to Susie and Tug.


i meant to turn off comments only for the "i hate school" rant/whine.

and forgot to turn 'em on.

wouldn't be the first time i forgot to turn something on. read into that, what you will.

everything's back. and my new latin name is dorkusvalerus.

Oct 14, 2007

i'm in the middle of a cultural wasteland.

living here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal. is great.

no really.

granted, we have smog. drive-by shootings. gang wars. earthquakes. but really, the fun never stops here.


granted, i don't know anything else. i've lived here my entire life and have had one major move, and THAT was getting MARRIED.

but living here in So. Cal., you would think there would be always something to do.
and you'd be right.
but again, how often does a 45 year old broad want to go clubbing?

let's face it - most entertainment, is geared to the young.

damn 'em all.

actually, even when i was **ahem** young, i never did go clubbing.

i.was.a.nerd. don't fall over from the shock.

i've always been, well - different. as a kid, i was the youngest on my block. so, being the youngest, i had the coolest toys.
so when the other kids would come to "play" with me, they actually came to play with my toys.

i can still remember being dressed down by Auntie Kay because i had left my "guests" in the rumpus room playing with my toys, while i was back in my room playing with my Barbies.
"they're here to play with you, now don't be rude."

so, after about age 5, most all the kids either grew up, or moved away. going to a private school didn't help much, either; my few friends didn't live close enough for us to have play dates. thankfully, i was blessed with a great imagination as a kid. i actually enjoyed playing by myself.

fast forward about 40 years. i still enjoy my "me" time. but then...

where was i going with this?
oh yeah. cultural wasteland, blah, blah, blah.

the other day, i thought about getting a new book from the bookstore.

then i realized that there isn't a bookstore near me. what - no one reads?

apparently not.
within a mile radius of my casa i have the following:
2 McDonalds * an amusement park* a water park * a WalMart * mall * too many hotels/motels * numerous nail shops * two laundromats * three gas stations * three supermarkets * a used car lot * two car washes * three liquor stores * a park * a senior center * too many other fast food establishments to mention * an INS office * three banks * two taco shops * a movie theater

nowhere in that list do you see a bookstore.

the closest ones are a few miles away. i have no problem driving there, it's their location i take issue with. one is in a mall that recently got revamped. the mall is now a hot spot, surrounded by a Cheesecake Factory and a Kohls.

the other one is close to my work. going there on a weekend blows for the same reason...parking is shared by a movie theater and other restaurants. no place to go.

the last one is...you got it...sharing parking with a theater and restaurants.

seeing a trend here? apparently literacy is only rated by its proximity to food and movies.

hmmmmm - i think i'm in the mood for a movie. based on the novel. that i have no convenient way to buy.

Oct 13, 2007

it's raining again...

rain. it's kind of an anomaly here in the Land of Fruits and Nuts. and i am convinced that it's the latent Oregonian blood slugging through my veins, that makes me love this kind of weather.

i would be happy doing nothing else but sitting and staring out the window. but that would make me some kind of weirdo.


and a grand day it is, too.

i see a light at the end of the tunnel. i don't believe it to be either a train or a drunk with his high beams on. today is a new day and dammit - it's got to be better.

and it will.

sorry to say - my friend lost her mom late Thursday night. no idea if her mom came out of it to say anything. i do hope so - otherwise, my poor girlie will be spending the rest of her life wishing of things she could've said.

it makes me grateful for the good relations i do have with my parents. and, after living with the insanity i did as a kid, with both my uncle and aunt.

which, believe me, is several posts for another day after day after day...

not to be cryptic, and not that i had a horrible childhood, but it's just a good reminder that while your past forms who you are, it doesn't have to still be a part of your daily life.

there's a reason why it's called your past.

ramble on, child. ramble. on.

so. i stole, er...borrowed this from Tug. i know it's still a meme, but it is different. help yourself.
and try to not fall asleep during it...if you haven't already.

What kind of SOAP is in your bathtub right now? Dial Antibacterial soap. good for the hands, good to clean my lil' nose stud.
Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator? nope. unfortunately. love me some watermelon!
What would you change about your living room? more room. apartments aren't exactly known for their spaciousness...although i still think my apartment is larger than my mom's house.
Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty? clean. and needing to be put away.
What is in your fridge? what is this - torture? why am i doing this again? milk, eggs, cheese, cheese and cheese. two bottles of wine, three bottles of beer. leftovers too numerous to mention. limeade. crystal light raspberry ice. microwave bacon. and a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough.
What is on top of your refrigerator? mixing bowls and a wok.
What color or design is your shower curtain? clear. but printed are the words "Objects are sexier than they appear." kidding. it really does say "It's All About Me."
but i do like the idea of "...sexier than they appear."
How many plants are in your home right now? only a container of kitty grass for Elvis.
pathetic, isn't it?
Is your bed made right now? nope. it's still got a lump of man in it.
How many pillows do you sleep with? 2. No matter where i am, i need two.
Do you sleep with any lights on at night? occasionally the night light in the bathroom.
when i remember to turn it on.
Do you have a welcome mat on your front porch? yep. it says "Wrong Address. No One Here By That Name. Witness Protection Agency."
Chore you hate doing the most? cleaning tub, toilet and sinks. bleah. HATE the feeling
of Comet on my hands.
Any retro items are in your home? besides the Husband and myself? oh yeah. several toys off eBay from my childhood. and we won't being to discuss the era my clothes are from.
Do you keep any kind of protection weapons in your home? oh yeah. right under Brendan's pillow. i figure that way i've got a chance to get out the window and run like hell.
What does your home smell like right now? like someone (me) needs to clean the litter box. sorry.
Ever been on your roof? not here. but used to climb up on my aunt's growing up. cannot imagine how many heart attacks i've given my mom.
In case of fire, what are the items in your house which you’d grab if you only could make one quick trip? man. i think the plan is, Husband grabs cat and laptop, Wife grabs camera, as many scrapbooks as my back can handle, and my purse. is it OK if i don't have to try it in real life?

Oct 11, 2007

always a sun behind the clouds.

first, let me say thanks for all the warm fuzzies, ego strokes, hugs and even a mea culpa (yes, Linda, i'm talkin' bout youse.) for school. and i actually had turned off the comments for that post, but have no idea how they got back on.


things are better around the casa...a few emotional upheavals going on here...some of you know what's going on, and if you don't, don't feel bad. it's certainly that i don't trust you, i just wasn't ready to share.

i'm still not.

but no worries. i'm still here, i'm good and i'm still married. and that's probably the best thing of all! bwa!!

i'm sitting here, enjoying my solitude. Husband is at school and kids...i actually cooked a real dinner for me.

i realize that sounds weird, but dig it: i don't cook for me. dinner for myself will either be cereal. or a fried egg & toast. but tonight it was teriyaki salmon and rice.


and did i mention the pinot grigio?

oh yeah baby. it's one of my fave wines. it's light, since i'm not a red fan, but this was a little more bitter than i like.

(dear googly-moggly. i've become a wine snob)

it was just yummy. and after two small glasses (seriously. small. i have no decent wine glasses. they keep getting broken. i've decided i'm gonna get some of those stemless wine glasses. certainly i can't break them.) well, i'm feeling quite fine.

let's face it. it certainly makes the news more palatable.

speaking of news...

prayers, if you would...for a good friend of mine from work. we both started on the same day. we were at each other's weddings. i've been there for her and she for me through divorce, infertility treatments and a miscarriage.

i've tried to be there when her father passed. now i need to be there as her mom goes.

my friend is adopted. and her mom, heaven help me, truly is a cranky woman. not happy. she's also a little too fond of "tyladene" (tylenol w/codeine) and gets nasty to my friend if she isn't there at the stroke of 5 with her fix. she has said things as "i'm so sorry i adopted you. i should've left you at the orphanage."

not nice. not a well woman.

last Sunday, she fell getting out of bed. broke her nose. would NOT go to the doctor. refused.
she fell again last night. she never came out of it.

a parent, no matter how difficult, is impossible to replace. my girl is left with her teenage son. they buried her ex last year.

the stuff i could say about the stuff she's gone through.

but she is strong, like all of us. i firmly believe that God never gives us more than we can handle.

i just wish He didn't trust us so much.

Oct 9, 2007

i hate school.

i hate it.
i hate it.
i hate it.
i hate it.
i hate it.
i hate it.
i hate it.

and i'm still the youngest and dumbest in the class.

did i mention i hate it?
gah - i hate being stupid.

Oct 8, 2007

one unhappy pappy.

OK, it's really one unhappy momma. but momma didn't rhyme with unhappy.

i could SO get used to being a stay-home-bum. (i'd have to be a bum, no kids, so i couldn't be a mum, right?) i like doing what i want when i want...selfish American that i am.
i dig being off.
i liked being home.

after my back surgery, once i healed to the point that i could get around easily, it was the best two months evah. i remember feeling so unhappy as December came to a close, because it meant that the first workday after New Year's was my first day back.


only thing that kept me going was the promise that, after my first week back, i had booked classes as the Oasis with Donna Downey. that, Gentle Reader, rocked.

so here i sit on a Monday afternoon, realizing that my days off, much like my weekend, flew like my Southwest flights to Reno. quick, fast and haulin' ass.

and what do i have to show for it?
clean laundry. some grocery shopping. two different Christmas cards made. one scrapbook page.
a two hour nap on Sunday (THAT was YUMMY).

i gotta say - i'm lazy. not that i don't want to do stuff around here, i'd just rather do it here than at work.

in other news...

prayers, if you would, for three people...one for Pat's neighbors that were in a bad accident over the weekend, second for one of my Bunco Babes, who's MIL was taken to the hospital because she wouldn't wake up, third, for my sweet friend trying to get preggers...may tomorrow be the answer you want to hear.

i'm SO in the mood to buy some baby clothes.

field trip.

so - what do you do when you have a day off, and you don't want to listen to the downstairs neighbor's girlfriend get drunk...at 9:30 in the freaking morning?

why, you take a field trip. to Downtown Disney. for begniets. (no coffee, i'd stopped @ Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Frappacino beforehand. yum-o)

oh, and you take pictures like a flipping tourist.

and that's fun, kids!

does everyone have a buddy? i assume all permission slips have been turned in, so, let's go.

yes, the faboo Rainforest Cafe with mediocre food. but the interior is really cool and it's a fun place to take kids. as long as you can keep 'em away from the gift shop. eee-yikes.one of the many fountains all over the place. this once has a water cannon that went off, shooting water high in the air. the kids were loving it, while the moms were freaking because, heaven help us, the kids were getting wet. come on, lady...it's 9:30 am and it's already 80 degrees. that's wrong.

one of the hanging baskets...the closest thing i have to fall colors.

this is the Uva bar, right outside my favorite restaurant here...Catal. and it's wrong that this bar was closed this early in the a.m.
i am SO kidding.

Catal...a lovely place to dine...only problem is, because it IS in Downtown Disney, you feel weird being all dressed up, with the people sitting next to you in shorts & tennies. not that there's anything wrong with that...just weird.

the "side entrance" to the Grand Californian Hotel. gah! i want to stay here sooooo bad. not that the rooms are all that, but because of the landscaping and the theaming and...sigh. i promise, once Thanksgiving rolls 'round, i will come back and take photos of the inside of this hotel. then you'll get what i mean. **sigh**

another shot of part of the hotel. some of the rooms overlook the Downtown Disney thoroughfare, which i would SO be all over. talk about people watching. years ago, my best friend and his wife were down and stayed there; their room looked towards California Adventure park. in this park they have a giant Ferris wheel, that was lit and the lights rotated in patterns. we were out on the balcony watching the lights (it would've been incredibly romantic except that i saw him once in his chonies back in 2000. it killed any feelings i had for him other than as a friend. one i hope i never have to see in his underwear again. ever.) when it occurred to us that we really were rednecks...we were distracted by shiny objects.

longest story ever, wasn't it? let's move on.

waterfalls and fountains a-plenty. just not a good place to be if the sound of water makes you wanna pee. believe me, the Power of Suggestion is strong in this one, and i know the location of every freaking bathroom in Downtown Disney.

and my last photo...exclusively for Melissa. our Most Holy Place. not open, unfortunately.

i intended to take more...i wanted to show you the word "California" in front of California Adventure..at fall, they make the 'a's into candy corn. my favorite babies - candy freaking corn. my problem? at the end of Downtown Disney is the security checkpoint before you buy tickets and go through the main entrances for both parks. the line was ridiculous and sorry, but not even for you, Gentle Reader, was i about to brave those lines.

maybe next time.

so. that ends my tour of one of my favorite places on earth. i'm almost wishing i still had my Disneyland annual pass to go inside...just to take you on another field trip.

but then i remember how much moolah they want for those babies and the feeling passes.

next stop - it's up to you! any suggestions for another photoblog field trip?

Oct 7, 2007

faboo, Baboo.

dictionary.com says this:
almost impossible to believe; incredible.
Informal. exceptionally good or unusual; marvelous; superb: a fabulous bargain; a fabulous new house.
told about in fables; purely imaginary: the fabulous exploits of Hercules.
known about only through myths or legends.
and Melissa thinks i'm fabulous. i thought i was, but in my own mind. or when i'm driving, belting out "You Can't Stop the Beat" from the Hairspray soundtrack. or practicing my acceptance speech for the Academy Awards.
but Melissa thinks otherwise.
huh! i like #4 - 'known about only through myths or legends.' yep...a legend in my own mind.
but it is cool. except for sharing the love. that part sucks because i do love reading and catching up and everyone is faboo in their own way.
man. i am either the World's Biggest Waffler or the Biggest Suckup Evah. take your pick.
but i get to pick now. so here you go...
Linda - she and i got a thing going on. even though i'm kicking her bum to get her arm fixed, she still is faboo...and teaching this here CityGal a thing or two about the farm. and Kickapoo. bwa!
which naturally brings us to her offspring, Allison. my favorite kollege edge-a-mah-kated co-ed. and i love knowing she's changing her major to follow her passion: helping kids. that rocks.
while rocking, i rock on to April. now, while i have forgiven her because her BoSox trounced my Angels, she still is fabulous because i can make her laugh hysterically when we talk. and i'm selfish that way. anyone i can entertain that well, well...they rock.
seriously - she's da bomb. i just want to hug her, make all the uggy stuff go away and hang out. next road trip: Texas.
not least - my Jax. another girl i want to get a fairy godmother for, to make it all better. and to be able to spend just a little more time walking in the freaking busy streets of the O.C., trying to get us both kilt! but whatev.
so you also can share the love. share the faboo. pass it on.

Oct 6, 2007

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

it only took forever, but here's a minute guide to the faboo life of...me.

oh, and the Husband, too.
for those that either a) forgot or b) don't care or c) didn't know, we live in Mostly Smoggy So.Cal., right in the middle of the grove of smogberry trees.

i've lived in So. Cal all my life. and, in my 45 years on this planet have moved three times. only three. i have no idea why.

oh yeah. i got married. silly little thing.

sorry it's dark. silly me decided to take a photo after our most recent rainstorm and at dusk. what was i thinking? anyway, this is our bedroom windows...the smaller is the crap, er...craft room/office. i can stare out that window to a breathtaking vista of the parking area. and occasionally the young hooligans throwing rocks at our satellite dish.

nice, huh?

that's our bedroom to the left of the smaller window. yep, where all the "magic" happens.

the view from our bedroom window. it can be impressive especially on a day like this, with clouds coming in from the ocean.

sunsets are pretty impressive sometimes 'round here.

this is the view from the stairs leading to our apartment. i love this tree and hate it when they prune it down to nothing.

five days a week, i give a goodly portion of my day to Idearc in Los Alamitos. it's only about 15-20 minutes from here. i've been doing this for the last 20 years. what i do miss, is that when i lived at home, i drove east to work and got to see some spectacular sunrises. now, all i see is what's in my rear view mirror...and i can't do that AND drive. well, safely.
it's weird and amazing all at the same time, being at the same place for so long. my company has gone through three reincarnations. and all i hope is that it stays around long enough for me to retire, which, of course, will be later rather than sooner.

this is the back end of our building. my department takes up half of the back of it. my desk is right at the back set of windows. right across the parking lot from us is a junior high, so it makes for good stare time, when school is in session and they're having PE.

man, i'm glad i'm not in school any more. at least school where i have to have PE.

my desk is right next to the printer, in front of the window. yes, that is the printer in the foreground. it really is a good location because with all the work i do with reports, it's handy to be so close. and yes, i print them out. even though a former supervisor gets mad at me for not using an electronic version, i need to make notes. therefore (according to her) i am a baby tree killer, as well as a destroyer of rain forests.

and, once again, my desk. a cornucopia of junk...but it's junk that makes me happy. and takes my mind off the fact that the air conditioner is blowing straight down on me, freezing my assorted body parts off.

i like my current job.

i really like my life. parts aren't optimum, but who's is?

it's my life. welcome to it.

Oct 2, 2007

defining valerie.

i am...

a girl.

a wife.

a sister in law.

a friend.

a worker.

a scrapbooker.

a writer.

and i...





sometimes play way too much.

tell bad jokes.

write bad stories.

create bad scrapbook pages.

sing off key.

but i...

love my boy.

love my friends.

love my life.

love who i am - warts and all.

i am.

i'm really not stupid.

but i sure feel like it.

back to school tonight. is it possible to feel like a lo-lo head? or is it better to be the Queen of the Lo-Lo Heads?


i am the Most High Emperess of the Lo-Lo Heads.

you may kneel before me.

kids, i know i'm really not stupid. thick occasionally, but not stupid. this class, however, is kicking my bum and i am NOT happy about it.

see this? this is not a happy face.

i like being able to work at my own pace. so in theory this class is great. no lecture. i go through the book and do the exercises.

i just don't get the steps sometimes. so if there was a lecture, at least then i might not have to work each exercise twice.

so again - i'm really not stupid. i say and occasionally do stupid things.
but this time. ..

i am thick.

Oct 1, 2007

begged. borrowed.

from my April. something different! feel free to borrow!

What were you doing ten years ago?
getting fitted for my wedding dress. hammering out last minute details.
trying not to be a Bridezilla.

What were you doing five years ago?
hammering out last minute details for our DisneyWorld trip. working a buttload of overtime, which paid for said trip. finding out about this great restaurant 'Albert & Victoria's' at the resort. we were welcomed, personally. our names were on our copy of the menu we got. i got a red rose. (one of these days, i'll scan the layout. i'll warn you - it's pretty crappy. i had just started scrapping and it was total stickerama.

What were you doing one year ago?
finding it hard to believe it had been a year since my back surgery. hard to believe it worked out so well. so easily. and that it continues (knock wood) to do so.

What did you do yesterday?
talked to two wonderful friends. made some cards. enjoyed the solitude while the Husband helped a friend move. belted out over and over and over Michael Buble's "Everything."
(i'm thinking this will be the cornerstone of a card/layout i've got in mind in honor of the upcoming 10th anniversary)

Six places you'd rather be:
Catalina Island...Disneyland and/or DisneyWorld...the cabins @ Crystal Cove (even though i've never been there...it just seems so cool)...any island anywhere...Reno

Five treats you love:
Hagaan-Daas vanilla ice cream....Coldstone's Birthday Cake Remix...mexican brownies...the margaritas @ Joe's Crab Shack....pedicures

What would you do with a million dollars?
hmmmmm. probably buy a house, but let's face it, here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal., a million bucks will buy a home, but not give you much left over. if we did have leftovers, it would be off to the baby store for one. or two.

Five favorite TV shows:
CSI...Dexter...Good Eats...Family Guy...the Simpsons

Your most memorable things right now:
going to bed at night and a certain Furboy snuggering between my legs. (i won't tell you what the Husband says. i'm sure you can put it together, though)
the cool nights and mornings. Fall is SO here.
thinking about going to Reno for Thanksgiving and reading "I Spy" with my nephew, while my niece runs around in her chonies.
Sunday mornings here.

what say you?

more weird mail.

wait a minute.
someone needs to tell these two something.

i get an email in my Bulk box today.

it was from Viagra. the subject was Cialis.

greed is good, but isn't that too much of a good thing?

spam mail. a never ending source of entertainment. and blog material.