Oct 22, 2007


last Thursday was my father-in-law's birthday. he would've been 75.

it was a weird day for everyone in the family.

i really liked my father in law...he reminded me of the best of my Uncle Jimmy, before Alzheimer's stole him from me.

my father in law was cremated - then, my Husband and brother in law took the bro's plane out over the coast in San Diego and spread him to the four winds.

and before the Husband got a day job, would go down and, taking a tea bag, would share a cup of tea with his dad and sit and chat for awhile...telling him what was going on in his life.
but since the day job came around, Brendan hadn't been able to do as much visiting. this past Saturday, we remedied that.

it took awhile for Brendan to figure approximately where they did send their dad off on his final flight. in either case, like i told him, it's all about how it makes you feel.

so while he walked along the shoreline, i climbed up to the bluff to snap away.

and my favorite of the day...

miss you, Kevin.


Susie Q said...

Beautiful pictures sweetie. Beautiful tribute. Hugs to you and your guy.
I know this feeling...I guess I just talk away to my Dad and in laws. I figure they are around me somewhere....but what a beautiful place for Brendan to talk to his Dad.

Love and hugs to you both,

Jolene George said...

You captured some beautiful pictures. You will always remember Kevin when you look at these.

elle said...

What a beautiful post and the pictures are fantastic...and listening to the Proclaimers on your playlist made it perfect!

Jeff said...

It sucks that he has not had the time to go there more often. I'll bet he really misses him and that he really needed this. Both of my parents are still alive and I have no idea what I would do if they weren't. I would rather be the one to go first.

Steff said...

That is so special! I know that when my parents pass I'll have to do the same thing. Oh, I know they won't be here, but I'll need to talk. My mom has always been wonderful at just letting me talk. I'd like to think she'd have that same listening ear after death too.

I hope those quiet moments with his dad were just what he needed!

Pat said...

What a lovely thought, to just ride the waves for eternity....
Hope those lovely views will always bring you peace.