Oct 11, 2007

always a sun behind the clouds.

first, let me say thanks for all the warm fuzzies, ego strokes, hugs and even a mea culpa (yes, Linda, i'm talkin' bout youse.) for school. and i actually had turned off the comments for that post, but have no idea how they got back on.


things are better around the casa...a few emotional upheavals going on here...some of you know what's going on, and if you don't, don't feel bad. it's certainly that i don't trust you, i just wasn't ready to share.

i'm still not.

but no worries. i'm still here, i'm good and i'm still married. and that's probably the best thing of all! bwa!!

i'm sitting here, enjoying my solitude. Husband is at school and kids...i actually cooked a real dinner for me.

i realize that sounds weird, but dig it: i don't cook for me. dinner for myself will either be cereal. or a fried egg & toast. but tonight it was teriyaki salmon and rice.


and did i mention the pinot grigio?

oh yeah baby. it's one of my fave wines. it's light, since i'm not a red fan, but this was a little more bitter than i like.

(dear googly-moggly. i've become a wine snob)

it was just yummy. and after two small glasses (seriously. small. i have no decent wine glasses. they keep getting broken. i've decided i'm gonna get some of those stemless wine glasses. certainly i can't break them.) well, i'm feeling quite fine.

let's face it. it certainly makes the news more palatable.

speaking of news...

prayers, if you would...for a good friend of mine from work. we both started on the same day. we were at each other's weddings. i've been there for her and she for me through divorce, infertility treatments and a miscarriage.

i've tried to be there when her father passed. now i need to be there as her mom goes.

my friend is adopted. and her mom, heaven help me, truly is a cranky woman. not happy. she's also a little too fond of "tyladene" (tylenol w/codeine) and gets nasty to my friend if she isn't there at the stroke of 5 with her fix. she has said things as "i'm so sorry i adopted you. i should've left you at the orphanage."

not nice. not a well woman.

last Sunday, she fell getting out of bed. broke her nose. would NOT go to the doctor. refused.
she fell again last night. she never came out of it.

a parent, no matter how difficult, is impossible to replace. my girl is left with her teenage son. they buried her ex last year.

the stuff i could say about the stuff she's gone through.

but she is strong, like all of us. i firmly believe that God never gives us more than we can handle.

i just wish He didn't trust us so much.