Oct 25, 2007

ten years.

i woke up with that gawdawful feeling in the pit of my belly.

i completely overslept.


barely time for a shower, i SO have no time for breakfast.

knock at the door. run to answer, still in my robe.

and it's amazing i HAD a robe.

it's SO windy out there, i hear. and puzzled, i open up the curtains.

the American Flag directly outside my window looks like it's starched flat. no waves to it at all.

holy crap.

another knock at the door. it's my friend and her daughter. ready for a fun-filled day.

i finally get my hair finished. make-up's on. i still don't know how i'm getting dressed.


i finally do get dressed. and i can't remember the last time someone wanted to take pictures of me after i got dressed.

goooooooo me!

we leave and walk down the stairs. a crowd has assembled at the bottom of the stairs...and all this because i managed to get dressed.

they applaud. i bow. they take pictures.


i take a moment to pray. i open my eyes and there's a bug. climbing.up.my.boobage. so, i flick it off me.

i then remember about the video camera. will the paparazzi never leave me be?

i got kissed.

we got married.

ten years ago, Husband and i stood in a hundred year old church, in the middle of Knott's Berry Farm and promised before God, our friends and family to love, honor and cherish.

it's been a ride. lots of ups, thankfully not as many downs. many tears. many stupid fights. some badly cooked meals. disappointments. victories. romance. and lots and lots and lots of dull, boring ordinary days.

i always say, every day we let each other live is a good day. i tease him that i would never kill him...why would i let him off so easily?

we laugh. we cry. we're silly. we're serious. we're good looking.

most days.

but he is my world. my life. and while i know that if i had to, i could go on without him, i never EVER want to have to find out how i would.

ten years. it's like, wow.


Tug said...


Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary you two - now, how 'bout some of those photos? You didn't have the paparazzi there for nothing!

doodlebugmom said...

Holy crap! We almost have the same anniversaray (did I know that?)

Happy Anniversary! Congratualtions on 10 years and one day!

skrpndiva said...

Happy Anniversary my friend! Hope you have something exciting planned! Not sure what can be exciting after ten years, but .......


Susie Q said...

And I am so late...I am so sorry! But this wish is still warm! Very warm! Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple...a very special couple.
Now, what are you doing to celebrate?? After almost 30 years I am not sure we remember HOW to do anything exciting!! Grin*

Love and a lot of hugs!


elle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Here's too a dozen decades more!

Hillary said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!


Pat said...

Aww - such sweet memories! Happy Anniversary!!!