Oct 30, 2007

life goes on.

Robert Goulet passed away today.
and even though i never saw him perform live, i always liked him

secret guilty pleasure #1,658,278.

i loved his voice. i laughed at him when he was on the Simpsons, as himself, performing his show in Bart's treehouse. loved a commercial he was in recently for nuts - if you didn't eat these nuts, Robert would come to your office and destroy your desk, because your sugar was low.

or something like that.

even though he wasn't on Saturday Night Live, when Will Ferrell did this, i laughed. hard.

because i am one sick pup.

Robert Goulet was one talented fellah. he will be missed.

in other news...

in case you hadn't noticed, by the lack of candy in ANY store, including 7/11s and gas stations, Halloween is tomorrow.

work is having a costume contest, and no, i'm not entering. this has been one weird, wild and wonderfully stressed year here, and i'm just not into it. so, unfortunately, my department will be deprived of such classics as "Brittany Spears @ 40"

please don't make me describe it. i'm sure there are still people suffering flashbacks. suffice it to say there was a wig, a crop top, stilettos and a borrowed cig.


anywhooooo - Halloween is fun - for kids and most adults. before i married, the Parental Units had a TON of kids come trick or treating.

i think they bussed them in from other nearby cities/neighborhoods..

so, since we have kids here in our complex, on my first married Halloween, i was stoked. LOVED handing out candy, seeing the costumes, especially on the little kids. loved.it. and off to Target i went.

$50 later, i was prepared. i settled in for a night of fun. that never materialized.

i know! that sucked. $50 worth of candy and not one nibble.

needless to say, i learned my lesson. no more candy purchases for us.

last year. a.knock.at.my.door. holy crud. i have nothing to give, except some stale bread and macaroni.

do kids these days like that stuff?

this year, i'm getting the treat, instead of giving 'em.

Husband and i are going to a Kings hockey game. and we're gonna watch it in one of the skyboxes.

yep.yep.yep.yep.yep. you may touch my hand.

the Big Boss called today and asked if Husband and i would be interested. i don't think he's really that interested (not much of a sports fan), but hey - even roller derby would look good from a skybox.

there will be others there from my work. the bummer is, we have to drive to the Staples Center, in downtown LA - and driving to LA at any point of time is challenging, but during rush hour? well, there MUST be something wrong with me.

trust me - all will be forgotten after i get in the skybox. and i don't even need to ring a doorbell to get there.

pictures will be forthcoming.

Happy Halloween. may you get only Marathon bars and no rocks in your goody bag.


Melissa said...

I'd have loved to see Britney at 40 - and the flashbacks would've been worth the laugh!

Have fun at your game tonight. I tried to get Amanda to sneak to Memphis with me tonight for the Grizzlies season opener, but I think she's doing something responsible like going to church or something.

Go figure.

doodlebugmom said...

We have little Hersheys and Reese's pb cups. Come on over!

Oh, and when did Halloween become night of the slutty costumes? Even little girls are dressing like tramps.

Have a good time at the hockey game!

Jeff said...

Wow! Sounds like you have better plans than me. Have fun lady.

Pat said...

Didn't hear the news about Mr. Goulet, too bad about that.
As for the Halloween hockey - I'm a bit envious. I'd much rather do that than sit here and pass out candy to hoards of already sugar rabid children (no lack of treaters in my neighborhood!)
Have lots of fun!

Steff said...

Hey was he the dude that did the Melba toast commercials?! Those were always so funny! I seriously need help. LOL

Susie Q said...

Wow! Didja have fun huh didja huh?

I had Truck or Treats like that...no kids. Then, we have had neighborhoods where we had 200! Here we usually get about 100. Grace loves it all...: )

Love ya and AI would like to see Brit at 40!