Oct 7, 2007

faboo, Baboo.

dictionary.com says this:
almost impossible to believe; incredible.
Informal. exceptionally good or unusual; marvelous; superb: a fabulous bargain; a fabulous new house.
told about in fables; purely imaginary: the fabulous exploits of Hercules.
known about only through myths or legends.
and Melissa thinks i'm fabulous. i thought i was, but in my own mind. or when i'm driving, belting out "You Can't Stop the Beat" from the Hairspray soundtrack. or practicing my acceptance speech for the Academy Awards.
but Melissa thinks otherwise.
huh! i like #4 - 'known about only through myths or legends.' yep...a legend in my own mind.
but it is cool. except for sharing the love. that part sucks because i do love reading and catching up and everyone is faboo in their own way.
man. i am either the World's Biggest Waffler or the Biggest Suckup Evah. take your pick.
but i get to pick now. so here you go...
Linda - she and i got a thing going on. even though i'm kicking her bum to get her arm fixed, she still is faboo...and teaching this here CityGal a thing or two about the farm. and Kickapoo. bwa!
which naturally brings us to her offspring, Allison. my favorite kollege edge-a-mah-kated co-ed. and i love knowing she's changing her major to follow her passion: helping kids. that rocks.
while rocking, i rock on to April. now, while i have forgiven her because her BoSox trounced my Angels, she still is fabulous because i can make her laugh hysterically when we talk. and i'm selfish that way. anyone i can entertain that well, well...they rock.
seriously - she's da bomb. i just want to hug her, make all the uggy stuff go away and hang out. next road trip: Texas.
not least - my Jax. another girl i want to get a fairy godmother for, to make it all better. and to be able to spend just a little more time walking in the freaking busy streets of the O.C., trying to get us both kilt! but whatev.
so you also can share the love. share the faboo. pass it on.


Allison said...


Melissa said...

I must say, I've never heard of some of those definitions - and I haven't heard the "legend in my own mind" thing in a while. I used to hear it quite often applied to a young friend of mine, by his father, who also said the boy suffered from I.T.C. (I'm Too Cool) syndrome.

Think about it, we could start a serial series or something - The Amazing Exploits of the Fabulous Valerie!

We could tell all about your travails with your nose stud, and Brendan, and Elvis, your co-worker who wants to peel your skin. It'd be FABULOUS!

Jolene George said...

Well you ARE fabulous!!!! :o)

Susie Q said...

Well, I may be a silly geek but I think you are pretty faboo. Yup, you are. Fabulouso.


Anonymous said...

Thanks friend. I really need that fairy godmother about now. 'tisn't better; as a matter of fact ... so way worse. But, I am healthy and I am trying to stay positive and I've learned that no matter what the news tells us, there are still a lot of really good people out there.