Oct 6, 2007

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

it only took forever, but here's a minute guide to the faboo life of...me.

oh, and the Husband, too.
for those that either a) forgot or b) don't care or c) didn't know, we live in Mostly Smoggy So.Cal., right in the middle of the grove of smogberry trees.

i've lived in So. Cal all my life. and, in my 45 years on this planet have moved three times. only three. i have no idea why.

oh yeah. i got married. silly little thing.

sorry it's dark. silly me decided to take a photo after our most recent rainstorm and at dusk. what was i thinking? anyway, this is our bedroom windows...the smaller is the crap, er...craft room/office. i can stare out that window to a breathtaking vista of the parking area. and occasionally the young hooligans throwing rocks at our satellite dish.

nice, huh?

that's our bedroom to the left of the smaller window. yep, where all the "magic" happens.

the view from our bedroom window. it can be impressive especially on a day like this, with clouds coming in from the ocean.

sunsets are pretty impressive sometimes 'round here.

this is the view from the stairs leading to our apartment. i love this tree and hate it when they prune it down to nothing.

five days a week, i give a goodly portion of my day to Idearc in Los Alamitos. it's only about 15-20 minutes from here. i've been doing this for the last 20 years. what i do miss, is that when i lived at home, i drove east to work and got to see some spectacular sunrises. now, all i see is what's in my rear view mirror...and i can't do that AND drive. well, safely.
it's weird and amazing all at the same time, being at the same place for so long. my company has gone through three reincarnations. and all i hope is that it stays around long enough for me to retire, which, of course, will be later rather than sooner.

this is the back end of our building. my department takes up half of the back of it. my desk is right at the back set of windows. right across the parking lot from us is a junior high, so it makes for good stare time, when school is in session and they're having PE.

man, i'm glad i'm not in school any more. at least school where i have to have PE.

my desk is right next to the printer, in front of the window. yes, that is the printer in the foreground. it really is a good location because with all the work i do with reports, it's handy to be so close. and yes, i print them out. even though a former supervisor gets mad at me for not using an electronic version, i need to make notes. therefore (according to her) i am a baby tree killer, as well as a destroyer of rain forests.

and, once again, my desk. a cornucopia of junk...but it's junk that makes me happy. and takes my mind off the fact that the air conditioner is blowing straight down on me, freezing my assorted body parts off.

i like my current job.

i really like my life. parts aren't optimum, but who's is?

it's my life. welcome to it.


Steff said...

I love the idea of sharing your life through pictures! Those cloud pictures are awesome.

And I spy Happy Bunny. That little guy cracks me up! Glad to see you have great taste. LOL

Anonymous said...

I may have to share my home through pics. I don't really have a work per se, or technically, I have 28 job locations, sooooo, I don't foresee work tour anytime soon!

Glad you like your life. That's the best way!


Anonymous said...

oh, btw, like the new look. Where did it come from???

Pat said...

Thanks for the guided tour - I enjoyed it very much, now, do you validate? (sorry, being a snot...)
Seriously though - great idea, I may have to do this one day! (hmmm...wonder if I can operate a camera while I drive...?)

Jolene George said...

I love that you shared a little pictorial tour of your life. I would be mad if they pruned back the tree too. Leave it alone so you can enjoy it.

Kenny said...

Fun tour! Thanks for sharing a little bit of Valerieland!