Oct 2, 2007

i'm really not stupid.

but i sure feel like it.

back to school tonight. is it possible to feel like a lo-lo head? or is it better to be the Queen of the Lo-Lo Heads?


i am the Most High Emperess of the Lo-Lo Heads.

you may kneel before me.

kids, i know i'm really not stupid. thick occasionally, but not stupid. this class, however, is kicking my bum and i am NOT happy about it.

see this? this is not a happy face.

i like being able to work at my own pace. so in theory this class is great. no lecture. i go through the book and do the exercises.

i just don't get the steps sometimes. so if there was a lecture, at least then i might not have to work each exercise twice.

so again - i'm really not stupid. i say and occasionally do stupid things.
but this time. ..

i am thick.


Pat said...

I feel your pain! Starting a new job, and having to be trained a whole bunch of new tricks is hard for this old dog!
When they start telling me what to do - I'm so afraid that I'll miss something, that my brain freezes up and I miss it all!
Feeling very dumb myself...

Becky said...

Oh, oh, OH! This is SO how I've been feeling the past few weeks! School is a total bitch when you haven't studied in, oh, nearly 20 years. And doubly so when they're online classes. No lectures, just read and do the exercises. Only what if you don't understand what you just read? 87 times over. I've been using one of my favorite lines from Doctor Who on myself a lot lately, I'm "Thick Thickity Thick-face from Thicktown, Thickania." And I hope that Lo-Land is quite near Thickania! We'll be neighbors!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I just think that as we get older, it's more difficult to fit all those new things in and so we don't. We fight it. We are under the mistaken thought that because we are older we should be able to pick things up quickly, work on our own, understand everything.

That isn't the case. Embrace what you can do, love your life and don't worry if you don't get it right away. You will, my friend, you will.


Susie Q said...

D'uh, I is a old lady wif no mind left so me cud no tak class. I is thinkin you is smart cuz u is in a clas.
I usd to b in clas but that is be4 I los mind. I tink u r smart. U wil git it I no. U is gud. U is gr8.