Oct 14, 2007

i'm in the middle of a cultural wasteland.

living here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal. is great.

no really.

granted, we have smog. drive-by shootings. gang wars. earthquakes. but really, the fun never stops here.


granted, i don't know anything else. i've lived here my entire life and have had one major move, and THAT was getting MARRIED.

but living here in So. Cal., you would think there would be always something to do.
and you'd be right.
but again, how often does a 45 year old broad want to go clubbing?

let's face it - most entertainment, is geared to the young.

damn 'em all.

actually, even when i was **ahem** young, i never did go clubbing.

i.was.a.nerd. don't fall over from the shock.

i've always been, well - different. as a kid, i was the youngest on my block. so, being the youngest, i had the coolest toys.
so when the other kids would come to "play" with me, they actually came to play with my toys.

i can still remember being dressed down by Auntie Kay because i had left my "guests" in the rumpus room playing with my toys, while i was back in my room playing with my Barbies.
"they're here to play with you, now don't be rude."

so, after about age 5, most all the kids either grew up, or moved away. going to a private school didn't help much, either; my few friends didn't live close enough for us to have play dates. thankfully, i was blessed with a great imagination as a kid. i actually enjoyed playing by myself.

fast forward about 40 years. i still enjoy my "me" time. but then...

where was i going with this?
oh yeah. cultural wasteland, blah, blah, blah.

the other day, i thought about getting a new book from the bookstore.

then i realized that there isn't a bookstore near me. what - no one reads?

apparently not.
within a mile radius of my casa i have the following:
2 McDonalds * an amusement park* a water park * a WalMart * mall * too many hotels/motels * numerous nail shops * two laundromats * three gas stations * three supermarkets * a used car lot * two car washes * three liquor stores * a park * a senior center * too many other fast food establishments to mention * an INS office * three banks * two taco shops * a movie theater

nowhere in that list do you see a bookstore.

the closest ones are a few miles away. i have no problem driving there, it's their location i take issue with. one is in a mall that recently got revamped. the mall is now a hot spot, surrounded by a Cheesecake Factory and a Kohls.

the other one is close to my work. going there on a weekend blows for the same reason...parking is shared by a movie theater and other restaurants. no place to go.

the last one is...you got it...sharing parking with a theater and restaurants.

seeing a trend here? apparently literacy is only rated by its proximity to food and movies.

hmmmmm - i think i'm in the mood for a movie. based on the novel. that i have no convenient way to buy.