Oct 1, 2007

begged. borrowed.

from my April. something different! feel free to borrow!

What were you doing ten years ago?
getting fitted for my wedding dress. hammering out last minute details.
trying not to be a Bridezilla.

What were you doing five years ago?
hammering out last minute details for our DisneyWorld trip. working a buttload of overtime, which paid for said trip. finding out about this great restaurant 'Albert & Victoria's' at the resort. we were welcomed, personally. our names were on our copy of the menu we got. i got a red rose. (one of these days, i'll scan the layout. i'll warn you - it's pretty crappy. i had just started scrapping and it was total stickerama.

What were you doing one year ago?
finding it hard to believe it had been a year since my back surgery. hard to believe it worked out so well. so easily. and that it continues (knock wood) to do so.

What did you do yesterday?
talked to two wonderful friends. made some cards. enjoyed the solitude while the Husband helped a friend move. belted out over and over and over Michael Buble's "Everything."
(i'm thinking this will be the cornerstone of a card/layout i've got in mind in honor of the upcoming 10th anniversary)

Six places you'd rather be:
Catalina Island...Disneyland and/or DisneyWorld...the cabins @ Crystal Cove (even though i've never been there...it just seems so cool)...any island anywhere...Reno

Five treats you love:
Hagaan-Daas vanilla ice cream....Coldstone's Birthday Cake Remix...mexican brownies...the margaritas @ Joe's Crab Shack....pedicures

What would you do with a million dollars?
hmmmmm. probably buy a house, but let's face it, here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal., a million bucks will buy a home, but not give you much left over. if we did have leftovers, it would be off to the baby store for one. or two.

Five favorite TV shows:
CSI...Dexter...Good Eats...Family Guy...the Simpsons

Your most memorable things right now:
going to bed at night and a certain Furboy snuggering between my legs. (i won't tell you what the Husband says. i'm sure you can put it together, though)
the cool nights and mornings. Fall is SO here.
thinking about going to Reno for Thanksgiving and reading "I Spy" with my nephew, while my niece runs around in her chonies.
Sunday mornings here.

what say you?


Becky said...

I say that all sounds wonderful! And I miss you! And I curse school for leaving me with ZERO free time!

Would love to see the cards you've made, as well as more scrapping. Pictures, please!!


skrpndiva said...

Don't even have it in me to answer this one!


Pat said...

Well, I can't do this one - I can't remember!
Loved yours though!