Oct 28, 2007


we celebrate many things in this life: births, weddings, anniversaries, even deaths.

don't believe me about the death one? what about when we go to someone's house after a service to eat?

Americans celebrate with food.

so last night, we food celebrated our anniversary. Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse. holy crap. it's goooooood.

we've been to them before, but have never gone to the newest one, a hop, skip and jump away from Disneyland. it.was.beautiful.
blown glass morning glories on the ceiling, framing huge windows. a lighted wine display that changed colors.

oh, and steak. really, really good steak.

and really good chopped salad.
really good shoestring potatoes
really good sauteed mushrooms.
and beyond good creme brulee.

oh yeah, good service, good company, good ambiance, blah, blah, blah.

dinner was great.

and for a few hours, we can pretend there's nothing else in the world but us. no pressures. no bills. no problems.

life is good.

happy anniversary, baby.


Steff said...

Happy Anniversary! How many years of wedded bliss does this make? And I agree...mmmm love me some steak. ;)

Lissete said...

Happy Anniversary!

I LOVE Ruth Chris! And now you have me craving!

Anonymous said...

First off, Happy Happy Anniversary.

Second, I've never been to Ruth but I've heard it's faboo. Marcel has been there before!

Glad you two had a good night; wish I could have one of those! I know we will again, some day, just don't know when.


Susie Q said...

It sounds like my kinda place! I hope you enjoyed the whole evening! During dinner and after as well...: )
Happy Anniversary sweetie!