Jun 5, 2010

summer lovin' - had me a blast....

don't worry. i'm not involved in a remake of 'Grease', nor am i taking up with a T-Bird.

however...if John Travolta IS interested, i volunteer to play Sandy.

and instead of 'Grease', we could name it 'Beano'. after all, we ARE middle-aged now.

i really don't have anything profound to say today...not that i regularly pluck pearls from my brain and transpose them into written word...but there are a few things crossing my mind:

1) to the shopkeepers of America...have you noticed lately? there's a recession going on. people are not spending their money quite as freely. so it might behoove you to instruct your employees to be around in the store - not hiding - and helping the customers that are willing to buy. otherwise, they're gonna walk out...just like i did in three - count 'em - THREE stores today.

man, i AM getting old. and crotchety.

2) it really sucks to have a computer down and out. the power jack is dead in mine, and currently in the hospital. it'll be cut free next week.

3) a co-worker is travelling to India for the company next week...for a month. while i don't relish either a 20 hour flight or the four weeks there, still, it's India. makes me think i could relive my fantasies of 'A Little Princess' - and yes, i know it took place in England, not India. i just like the idea.

4) i seem to be in a bit of a funk...i call it my post-birthday dramatization. seems like the older i get, after my birthday, i kind of feel looking for something...just not sure what.

5) my sweet boy turns 50 in a few weeks. good Lord. whoever thought we'd get to be 50..after all, as kids, 50 was ancient. heck, 30 was almost to the point of no return.

and to reach 99, well...a feat just like his coaching career. RIP Coach.

and once again - i have pitched a perfect game of non-sequential ramblings.
goooooooooooooooooooooo me!!

May 26, 2010

every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

my oldest niece graduated from high school last night.

and while she's not technically a blood relation - i like to think that friends are the family you pick and actually don't mind visiting.

graduation is always such a milestone in any life. when your child starts kindergarten - it's always so exciting - they're starting off on a grand adventure and God alone knows what awaits them on this adventure.

high school graduation is much the same. as we sat there last night, listening to what the valedictorians planned on doing with their lives (a degree in microbiology with a minor in genetic engineering? good grief - i barely could manage remedial math.), you can't help but wonder what each of these kids lives has in store.

and selfishly - i didn't give a rip about the rest of the 539 kids there. just a certain blond, blue-eyed wonder.

i've known her most of her life. we would all go to Disneyland together, where her mom had started a tradition of taking Christmas card photos in front of the massively gorgeous tree in Main St.

she was (and still is) amazingly beautiful. Brendan & i would push her down Main St. in her stroller, while people would be sitting on the curb, waiting for the parade to start, we would prompt her to wave to the crowds, blow kisses and yell 'see my movie!' to the assembled.

which she did. hey - when you're 3, you're very eager to please.
(and yes, occasionally someone would ask the name of the movie. there still might be some yahoo from Podunk looking for her movie at RedBox)

at 4, she joined up in soccer...where she distinguished herself by being far more interested in the grass daisies than the plays.

when we got married, i asked her mom to be my matron of honor, and her daughter to be my flower girl. her mom was concerned that the girl would do something to 'ruin' the ceremony. i say anything that happened would only be cute - it couldn't ruin a thing.

and while she was very concerned about my gloves that her mom was holding for me, the whole thing went off without a hitch...or any ruined moments.

she got through those gawd-awful pre-teen years relatively unscathed...well, except for the continual teasing of her uncle. she takes care of her younger brother and strives to include him in as many things as she can...even when he has irritated her to the point of no return.

and now she's leaving childhood for a new chapter. a new adventure. again, God alone knows what is in store for her as she travels down new and uncharted territory.

i for one, cannot wait for the next installment.

May 15, 2010

good luck, class of 2010.

(first off, thanks to all who emailed and left comments on my bringing in da funk. my intent was to call my doctor this week, but settling back in to a routine after Vegas proved more challenging than even i anticipated. next week is looking much better - and i'll let you know what comes of it. feeling the way i did scared the hell out of me...i'm a person usually in control of those emotions and buddy, feeling out of control was.not.pleasant. moving on...)

next week, one of my best friend's kids graduates from high school...roughly coughcoughchoke30yearscoughcough after her auntie did. and while she's readying for the next phase in her life, i'm currently working with some of my fellow alumni on our next reunion this summer.

and that, of course, makes me feel nostalgic. not only for the youthful optimism we all had back then, but for that youthful metabolism.


but again, i digress.

back in the day, when i dreamed of fame (and Donny), i only thought of accolades. awards. making amazing strides in the world of literature...which is what i thought i was gonna do.
life, as always, had other plans.

(but now i have a blog. take that, life!)

looking back, as i'm doing this a.m., i think of niecey-poo...beginning the next Big Adventure, and, as i am wont to do, am imagining myself giving a commencement speech. THIS should keep 'em off drugs, eh?

here goes.

Good evening, and congratulations Class of 2010...you made it! (wait for whooooops to die down)
I realize as you sit there, wearing those stupid hats...seriously, who thought 'hey, let's design a hat that can also double as a coffee table' was a good idea...not to mention those robes, because nine times out of ten, you graduate on a hot June day. And while layers, normally, are good, they're not so good when you aren't sure if you're on the field graduating or in a sauna, sweating.

Sorry. Old people like me tend to ramble on.

Tonight, as you've been hearing for the last few weeks, if not months, while it is an ending, is also a beginning. You'll leave this place different than when you came in - you'll have graduated and will be moving on to the next big adventure...whether it be college, military or working. You may never again be faced with this many choices for your life. Drink it in.

As you do move forward in your life, you'll make choices. Here's some things to ponder about those choices:

1) You will make crappy decisions in your life. Guess what - that's just the way it goes. Like the song says, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Some of the choices you make will rock the world. Others, not so much. Just try to remember to learn from all and glean something out of the experience.
And while we're talking about bad decisions....

2) You will fail at something. What - this isn't the happy feel-good commencement address you were expecting? Wait....
You, you, you and even you waaaaaay in the back, will fail at something. Some will fail miserably while others will fail spectacularly. As the Husband will frequently say - 'you're gonna step on your dick'

Colorful, no?

Here's the good news: despite what the media in all forms will tell you - failure IS an option and is not always bad. After all, a chemist at DuPont failed in an experiment he was working on and ended up creating Teflon. Failure is good - learn from it and move on.

3) Love what you do. Some wag once said if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. Those people also have money up the wazoo. It's very likely you will have to work, and you ain't gonna love it. But find a passion. Find something that makes you happy and excited to get up in the morning. Photography, writing, gardening - whatever trips your trigger - if you find your passion and aren't lucky enough to make it your life's work, you can still be lucky enough to do it...and to share with others.

4) Happiness is not a birthright - it is a daily choice. If you ain't happy, guess what - it ain't your parents fault, not your siblings, your friends or even your dog's fault. That blame, my friends, lands squarely on your shoulders.

Every day we make choices, remember? You can choose happiness, too, even if your situation sucks. You don't have to be happy with the situation, just know that optimism goes a loooooong way in this world - you will live longer and not only that, you will be a thorn in the side of the nay-sayers who will lose their minds wondering what you're on because you're so damn happy all the time.

I'm not saying you should go around with a maniacal smile all the time, plucking daisies like some Ophelia, but choose your attitude daily. Choose to be optimistic. Choose to be proof positive that smiling people are up to something.

There you have it. Four little nuggets and only four because I'm somewhat OCD and I like things bookended. Go out there. Fail. Step on it...and in it. It's the only way you'll really learn, and besides, the adventure is so much more exciting living it than reading about it.

Good luck, and God bless.

May 6, 2010

happy place found.

all i can say is, thank GOD i'm not going crazy.

shut up, you.

OK, maybe a little crazy...but not the total full-blown breakdown i thought i was having the last few days.

someone, somewhere, slapped me in the back of the head (think Gibbs in NCIS) and made me think...'hey - maybe this is hormone related?'

and i'm thinking they're right. i did some research...isn't the world-wide-web-wonderful...and found a site that listed a lot of the symptoms/emotions i've been feeling the last few days.

and therefore, after we return from a little RnR in VivaLasVegas, i will be calling the doctor and seeing about some supplements or something that can even me out.

thank God. i feel like a huge weight was lifted from me. the world isn't as dark, there really is light behind those clouds, and the sun will come up...tomorrow, of course.

catch ya on the flip.

May 5, 2010

find a happy place.

if you've got your health, you've got everything.

well, i say the advertising genius who came up with that nugget didn't know squat.

OK, we all know i have an occasional tendency to drama. i occasionally overreact. but lately,...

i need a happy place. there's stuff on my plate that i wish there wasn't. the Husband's extended unemployment stint. layoffs at work that i've managed to survive.

and i know for every icky thing in my life, there's at least two things good. the good, nine times outta ten, outweigh the bad.

it's just lately that the bad has taken over the place and the good can't get back in charge. and the good wants to be in charge. badly.

hee hee. get it? badly? oh, never mind.

i'm just miserable and am miserable to be around, i'm sure. and while i'm usually the optimist and the 'sun'll come out tomorrow,' right now, i just can't see it.

things will get better. i just need to roll with it. and i will...as long as i can.

Apr 28, 2010

it's the moon, i swear.

one of the pleasures of growing...um...more mature...is that the things that made our lives hell as teenagers and young adults, doesn't bother us as much or at all.

the drawback is that some of the stuff DOES bother us much more than it did before.

people smacking you around for what they believed you said/did. then after the fact, go on as if nothing happened.

c'mon. seriously? did we not leave this crud back in jr. high/high school? nope? oh. sorry.

how stupid of me to assume people grow up.

another thing that bothers me more now (gentlemen, you might want to turn away for a bit) is...ahem...that time of the month.
i mean honestly, if the plumbing isn't working and doing me a damn bit of good in the baby department, does it really have to rebel and try to claw its way out through my belly?

(BTW, Uterus, if you're reading this, could you please take the belly and part of my arse with you? much obliged.)

i also notice i am FAR more susceptible to the waining of the moon. my mood can change on a dime and woe be unto you if you look at me cross eyed. even if you haven't done anything.
i will kill you and bury your sorry butt somewhere in the Nevada desert. maybe next to Jimmy Hoffa.

on the other hand, i still love daisies, bunnies, puppies, kittens, cute clothes and makeup.

irrational - thy name is Valerie. peace out.

Apr 24, 2010

aliens have abducted my brain!

i was probed!

no, wait - i was probed AND felt up.

no, wait - that might not be too bad.

i was abducted, however...by the fiend known as Facebook.

duuuude. it's totally addicting. not to mention the games i play, farming and such, that my friends laugh at me for doing.

what the heck - they're free for the most part (right Maureen?!) and beats me hanging out at the corner market with my hooligan friends.

oh, wait....i gave up my hooligan friends back in 79. oh well.

besides, when my best friend is HOUNDING me to start blogging again, well, i guess it's easier to do that than to get HER on FB. (hint - hint - hint? stop laughing, K)

and i'd love to entertain you with a long, loving list of what i've been doing since my last post but the sad fact is, nothing i've done has been particularly entertaining. or interesting.

so there you go.
i will try to be a better blogger kids, both here and on the picture gallery.

man. it's good to be free from the aliens. or not.