May 5, 2010

find a happy place.

if you've got your health, you've got everything.

well, i say the advertising genius who came up with that nugget didn't know squat.

OK, we all know i have an occasional tendency to drama. i occasionally overreact. but lately,...

i need a happy place. there's stuff on my plate that i wish there wasn't. the Husband's extended unemployment stint. layoffs at work that i've managed to survive.

and i know for every icky thing in my life, there's at least two things good. the good, nine times outta ten, outweigh the bad.

it's just lately that the bad has taken over the place and the good can't get back in charge. and the good wants to be in charge. badly.

hee hee. get it? badly? oh, never mind.

i'm just miserable and am miserable to be around, i'm sure. and while i'm usually the optimist and the 'sun'll come out tomorrow,' right now, i just can't see it.

things will get better. i just need to roll with it. and i long as i can.


Tug said...

I've been in that bigass funk as it something in the air? The stars? Don't know, but I'm ready to be happy again.

doodlebugmom said...

ok you dont have to print my comments, but I was just going to add. Last winter, my common sense told me things were fine. I have great kids, a hubby who loves me and I love him, a house, car, job, the health has some bumps but everyone does. But for me, common sense flew out the window, I was still so down. I went to my doctor and asked for help. He was not helpful, so screw him. I found another doctor. I take citalaphram, which is generic celexa. Helps a lot. I had a couple that didn't work. so anyway there is a point to this babbling. if help doesnt happen right away, keep trying. It was hard for me to ask for help, but I am so glad I did. Funk is only good on the oldies station! love ya ((hugs))