Oct 21, 2007

it's just too dang early for this crap.

i've always been a sensitive sleeper. not one that can sleep through anything, unlike the Husband, i can wake up when the living room light goes on. (and just to clarify, the Husband has our lights on a remote/timer program. so if we go on vay-cay, the lights will go on, off on timers and it looks like someone's home)

and at 3:30 a.m. today, the living room light went on. couple that with some chick carrying on a conversation in the complex behind us by telling them to shut UP!

dang. my sentiments exactly.

let me paint you a pretty picture, Gentle Reader. Husband is in the middle of the bed. the cat is between my legs. my forehead is squashed on the pillow. my mouth is open, my tongue is sticking out and i'm drooling.

lovely, no?

back to the yeller.

thankfully, they got into a car and left after several "shut up!" "no, you shut up!"

i love witnessing a verbal exchange with the more intelligent members of our community.
so intriguing.

so here we are. watching infomercials for the Cricut (so wanting one), feeling sleepy, but i want to do some laundry this a.m. and be there when it opens @ 6am. no napping right now.

not that i really have a burning desire to do laundry, but i cannot seem to get the cat to do his fair share of housework.

lazy ass.

i actually don't mind doing laundry, and going to the laundromat is a chance to get caught up on either DVDs or read.

but for once, i would love it if the laundry fairies would take care of it for me, as well as make me sleep through idiots yelling and lights going on.

too much to ask?


Steff said...

Oh gosh I hate doing laundry at my house...I'd probably turn into a nudist if I had to wag it somewhere to do it. Let's just say that we're all glad I have a washer/dryer in my house...LOL!

Maybe you can catch a nap later this afternoon? :)

skrpndiva said...

Just throw the clothes away and start all over again!


elle said...

Oh the joys of living too close to others!
The house in which I live has a basement suite. Its my mothers house so she gets the suite while renting me the main floor. Pretty good deal as the landlord doesnt boot me out if I am a couple of days late with the rent check. The downside is a venting system which allows mom to "overhear" conversations between me and my sweetie, as well as the horrific cooking odors which emerge from below. Mom CANNOT cook....however she can and does emerge unannounced upstairs in my hallway, often at the worst possible moments. Privacy? NADA!
She is however a great laundry fairy, if I leave a load in the washer, its dried fluffed and folded when I go to reclaim it. Gotta love that!

elle said...

Oh and WHAT is a Cricut? I havent seen that one might want it too!

Melissa said...

I actually like doing laundry, but that could be because I don't have to leave the house to do it. When I was using the laundromat in college, that was a different story!