Oct 8, 2007

one unhappy pappy.

OK, it's really one unhappy momma. but momma didn't rhyme with unhappy.

i could SO get used to being a stay-home-bum. (i'd have to be a bum, no kids, so i couldn't be a mum, right?) i like doing what i want when i want...selfish American that i am.
i dig being off.
i liked being home.

after my back surgery, once i healed to the point that i could get around easily, it was the best two months evah. i remember feeling so unhappy as December came to a close, because it meant that the first workday after New Year's was my first day back.


only thing that kept me going was the promise that, after my first week back, i had booked classes as the Oasis with Donna Downey. that, Gentle Reader, rocked.

so here i sit on a Monday afternoon, realizing that my days off, much like my weekend, flew like my Southwest flights to Reno. quick, fast and haulin' ass.

and what do i have to show for it?
clean laundry. some grocery shopping. two different Christmas cards made. one scrapbook page.
a two hour nap on Sunday (THAT was YUMMY).

i gotta say - i'm lazy. not that i don't want to do stuff around here, i'd just rather do it here than at work.

in other news...

prayers, if you would, for three people...one for Pat's neighbors that were in a bad accident over the weekend, second for one of my Bunco Babes, who's MIL was taken to the hospital because she wouldn't wake up, third, for my sweet friend trying to get preggers...may tomorrow be the answer you want to hear.

i'm SO in the mood to buy some baby clothes.


doodlebugmom said...

Prayers for all your friends, keep is posted,k?

Nothing wrong with wantting to feel a little lazy. Life is busy. Life is stressful. Life is full of crap. Enjoy the downtime.


Melissa said...

Yeah, that's the problem with days off - you eventually have to have days ON.

I SO was not ready to come back to work today. Oh, to be a SAHM!

Anonymous said...

Prayers said.

As for being lazy ... since when is relaxation laziness? We all work hard enough to enjoy a little R & R.


Pat said...

Totally know what you mean - I LOVED staying home! Dern hubby and his "surprise jobs"!
Thanks for the prayers for my neighbors - they are home now, and I'm anxious to go pay them a visit - maybe tomorrow...
Prayers for your friends too!