Feb 16, 2006


went to the dreaded Weight Watchers today...i'll be busy all weekend, so i decided to face the Scale of Doom today instead of tomorrow.


yes, you read that right. i lost 6.5 pounds last week.

all i can say is thank heavens for salads & WWs zero-point soup.

yippee!!! makes me feel sooooooooooo much better, especially after last week.

shake your (skinnier) groove thing, yeah, yeah...!

so it's a total of 12.5 down.

200 million to go. :o)

probably won't see much of me this weekend. i'll be down at the O.C. Fairgrounds at the faboo Scrapbook Expo. classes & shopping...dang. it'll be rough, but i'll muddle through somehow.

in other news...

if you're in California, have you seen the Mega Millions commercial? the one of the family reunion playing baseball at Dodger Stadium? So cool. if i won the cashola, believe me, after i paid everyone's debts off, and bought my house, i would host a softball game down at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. (i know - it's Qualcomm, but i'm a purist.)

have a great long weekend. stay safe.

1 comment:

doodlebugmom said...

Yippeee for you! Maybe some of your will power will rub off on me!

Linda :o)