Feb 18, 2006


the Creativity Bug bites hard.

then other times, it bites, the fever spikes, then subsides.

such was the case tonight.

got home from Scrapbook Expo (am SO ready to go shopping tomorrow. REALLY need some new BasicGrey paper) earlier today. had two classes, one was slightly better than the other.

so far, the only class i've really loved was from Lil'Davis Designs - Michelle Hill was the teacher & she AND the class rocked.

so that damn bug bit me. hard.

so we came out of the Expo & found a new store in Tustin...which was OK, just too small & not any paper i would want. my Mom was in 7th heaven...exactly her kind of paper: kinda cutsey.
but they had a 7Gypsies mini album that i decided i needed.

so i made an autograph album for the Nephew's Disneyland trip next month. you can see it here. i'd love to hear what you think about it...

in other news....

it's coldern a witch's...um......mammory gland.

well, cold for So.Cal. probably in the mid to upper 40s tonight. good chance of rain, too.

and they say it never rains in Southern California.

peace. and warmth.


Mary Ann said...

Glad you had a good time at the expo!!! Life bites...I didn't get to go to the Expo...recovering from emergency Gall Bladder surgery this past week. UGH!!

Valerie said...

you've got my sympathy!! had the same thing about 5yrs ago...the best part is that i feel soooo much better!! hope you heal quick!

doodlebugmom said...

I love your Disney book, adorable.

Ugh gallbladder surgery, glad it is behind me!