Feb 1, 2006

Oh the times (and my boss) they are a-changing...

So - for the umteeth time in two years...i've moved & got a new boss.

You would think i'd be used to it by now.

You'd think.

Back in '04, when my boss was promoted to manager, i got a new boss...who took away my phone. OK - whatever, i can deal with that.

Then we had the Extreme Makeover in my department. The whole side of our building was remodeled. Time to move...twice...

Then came the assistant supervisor openings that a bunch of us applied for.

Yep - another boss. But i got my phone back.

Ah but with the boss, came another boss. Yes, i was being shared between two supervisors.

If you don't think that was fun...

Half-way through the year, i was told that although i would still be shared (insert cheesy 70's song 'Torn Between Two Lovers' here), i would report to one, instead of the other.

And i would be moving. Again.

So i moved. Stayed there for, oh...i think eight months.

Moved again yesterday.

I got moved to my friend's old spot, who was moved to a new supervisor. She's less than thrilled about it (and i don't blame her; i had to work for her too. VERY nice woman to be friends with, but as a supervisor...well...a complete 180 from her every day persona). But that's another blog.
"The Bosses i've had"

In my company, in my department especially, they like to change things up. Keeps people from getting complacent. Whatever. Apparently they never read the chapter about people crave stability. Especially in this day & age.

And by the end of the year, i've no doubt i'll have a new boss & a new desk.

In Other News...
Last night, in place of W's State of the Union ramblings, i watched part of A&E's "Flight 93"

Couldn't watch the whole thing. It still touches too many wounds. I agree that the people on that flight did what i'd want to believe i would do.

I just don't ever want the opportunity to find out.


doodlebugmom said...

I did not watch the state of the union either, he irritates me too much.

I saw lots of commercials for Flight 93. I could not bring myself to watch it. Even the commercials made me all teary.


Doug Bagley said...

Heard flight 93 was good but like you, knowing it really took place, that those were real people, it's sad and I'm not sure I could watch that/