Feb 9, 2006

translating nail-eese

had a pedicure today. and it was fabulous. paid WAY too much money for extra massage time, but bloody hell it was good.

not sure about where you live, but here, there are a plethora of nail shops where, well, english isn't the native tongue.

i don't care.

i do have a friend, who, when she goes to those shops, gets completely paranoid about them speaking in their own native tongue. she's convinced they are talking about her.

let's assume, just for a minute, that they are. what could it be about?

"dang. this girl has some major dead skin. i will be scrubbing till closing just to get part of it off."


" there is a serious issue with these heels. has anyone ever seen anything like this?"

or even

"can you believe she picked this color? gawd! it's hideous!"

or maybe, just maybe...it has nothing to do with my friend. or any client. could it be, that they are just talking to each other about life? husbands, kids, what's for dinner...how hard could it be?

but i guess you just really want to believe that the world does revolve around you.

and that you're the topic of conversation. no matter where you are.

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