Feb 27, 2006

Come Monday...It'll Be Alright...

props to Jimmy Buffett. he's a-coming out to Irvine in April. would love to go & be a Parrothead.

Just stuff i'm thinking of, in no particular importance...

* how much i'd LOVE to win the lotto. Then B & i could afford to do what we want to do...not necessarily for us, but for some of our dear friends & family. i got plans, baby, and they ROCK!

* drove down to San Diego proper yesterday. Usually our trips involve just heading into Oceanside (just on the other side of Camp Pendleton), but this time, we headed over to one of my fave rave scrapbook shops, then down to Fashion Valley to the San Diego State University (Hubb's an alumni) for stuff to trick out the Tacoma. Nothing says fer shizzle for a couple o' chunky honkies than an SDSU window sticker. Testify. Oh we also checked out the Apple store.
Holy Cow...THAT was INSANE.

* 14 more days till my SIL & Nephew come down & we head to the Tragic Kingdom, er....Disneyland. Cannot, cannot CANNOT wait.

* WW is still working out for me. Oh, and i don't hate the usual leader there quite as much. See, she's a tiny chick who generally isn't nice to people. One of my co-workers who returned after a long absence, had gained. The WW leader said, "well, what did you expect?" There's a difference between honesty & cattiness. i would've just said yippee for you, you decided to continue to do something good for yourself!! So, why don't i hate her as much? She had on her name badge & it said she lost 50lbs in 05. To me, she always seemed like one of those chicks who lost 10lbs, and now is a life member.

* lost 3.8lbs last week. Total so far is 16.4lbs. i still can't believe that i'm actually doing it.
Oh, and another reason why the WW leader chick bothers me: she asked what i did last week for that much of a loss. Hey, i was honest. "i had the stomach flu. Does wonders for a diet." She made some response that there were better ways. No doubt. But don't imply that i deliberately got the tummy flu so i could lose more weight. Ain't nothing better than puking & pooping. *sigh* i live for that, brothers & sisters.

* Cannot believe March is right around the corner. How can it be that when we were kids, time moved slower than a slug with a broken leg. But now....it moves at supersonic speed. i'm gonnna be 44 this year. 44. Seriously - i never thought i'd live this long. And, of course, i would've taken better care of myself. :o)

* It's never too late to have a happy childhood. True that. For Anyone.

*Watch on the news for all the idiots here in So.Cal. tonight. We're getting a huge rainstorm in by this afternoon, and no one here can drive in the rain, at least for the first two days of one. So look for my brethren to be having accidents & what not.

* Time to get this Monday started. Y'all have a good one. More to come....


Doug Bagley said...

Welcome back? I have been right here all along.
I don't know that I'd be considered a parrothead but I do love his music and his attitude.

doodlebugmom said...

Congrats on your weight loss! You are awesome Val!

Cattiness. Ugh.

March, yeah. Makes for mud here on the farm :/