Feb 22, 2006

People suck-part deux.

So there was a post on the CKMB the other day about someone being annoyed by misspellings on posts. And although yes, there probably are more important things going on, i'm also one of those people who believes that you are judged by the words you use...Or misuse.

Did i mention the person annoyed is a friend of mine?

And i agree with her.

So - someone else, who at one time claimed to be driven off the MB by people taking her postings the wrong way, is now deliberately misspelling words in an attempt to be humorous.

It's gone on now for over a day.

So i posted saying we need to let it go. And, of course, someone has to respond to me, telling me that if i don't want to be offended, i shouldn't read it.

First off, by the title of the post, i had NO idea what the original poster was yakking about. And, the more i read, with everyone tee heeing, i got more & more pissed.

i'm done. This person who originally posted the deliberate misspellings, is one who a few months ago, was, by her choice, leaving the board because what she said hurt someone's feelings. Apparently this is different. It's OK to continue to harp when it's at someone else's expense.

i'm tired of this crap. There's enough meanness & nastiness in this world. And now, a place that i used to enjoy visiting is contributing to the meanness. And, on a selfish note, i'm tired of my postings being ignored because i'm not in the right "clique." i was done with that crap in junior high. i'm 43 now. i don't have to put up with it.


Peace. Especially to the CKMB.

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doodlebugmom said...

I wondered what was going on over there, I lurk a little at that board. Come on over to the SS board. Its slow. And laid back. And very friendly. There is no flaming, its nice. Spelling doesn't count!

Linda :o)