Feb 23, 2006

feeling better...again

today was my first day back to work since last Thursday.

now mind you, i took last Friday off because Scrapbook Expo was in town; and mom & i both had classes...(BTW: Lil' Davis classes ROCKED!!!!) and of course, did some shopping.

shopping was very, very good. finally got my hands on the new BasicGrey papers. yum.

so three days of scrapbooking bliss.

then Monday, where, as you all know, i snuck into a movie. (and the Hubs came with me..don't think i was in this alone!)

Monday night...Hubs BBQ'd steaks. then later that night...

Revenge of the Digestive Tract.

don't worry, i shant go into detail.

but.....unfortunately...i missed Tuesday & Wednesday. but, as my boss even said, there's no way in hell we WANT you there.

this ought to be good for my diet. i've eaten mostly toast since Tuesday. and today...i decided to bring a can of beef broth for lunch.

it tasted like ca-ca. but at least it was food. until our locations receptionist (who's quite vocal. don't think she realizes how loud she is. it's also dangerous to sit across from her as she talks with her mouth full. oy.) commented that what i was eating looked just like olive juice.

olive juice? oh dear lordamighty.

needless to say, i was done with my lunch. settled for a bag of Cheese-Its & water.


remember what mother always told us: If you can't say anything at nice...

...and if you can't say anything nice about my lunch, don't say anything.

especially after the horror of the Revenge of the Digestive Tract.

'nuff said.

happy Thursday.

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