Jun 3, 2006

and they're OFF>>>>>!!!

yep. off on another trip, back to Valley Forge, PA.


hopefully, this time we (my manager & i) can actually see something. Hershey, PA is about 90 minutes from our hotel. gotta admit: you need to see a city where the street lights are shaped like Kisses.

oh yeah.

but i still hate flying. nonstop, both ways, heading out of LAX both times @ rush hour.

oh yeah. bring on the alcohol.

but - it's Votin' Season here in the Empire of Buena Park. we've never had sooooooo many phone calls: vote for our candidate, not theirs.

hey - at least our answering machine is getting exercise.


yesterday morning, kissing the Husband good-bye as i was leaving for work, he mentions he's gotta work on his truck. it's making some banging sound.

why is it a banging sound in cars usually equals a cash register sound?


so this morning, we took it to my mechanic - yep - it's the catalytic converter. eh - not as bad as it could've been. it's ready by Monday, and yes, the Hubbs is now driving my car.

and i'm now a stuck-at-home mom who isn't a mom. ugh. even better - it's about 90 hot degrees inside our place. we have air conditioning, but it's in a terrible place, where most of the air blows against the opposite wall.

so the coolest spot is right around the air conditioner. which is in the dining area. woo-hoo.

the fans they are a-blowin'. hell, even the cat is miserable. but he's at least sleeping on the bathroom tile. of course, if i had a fur coat on all day long...

so...if Hubbs is taking my car, and i have no transportation, then he must endure running shopping errands with me.

Target. scrapbook store. Payless Shoes. credit union.

results? detergent & travel shampoos. magazines & Donna's Photo Decor book. flip flops. cash.

all this, laundry & getting Husband to mechanic, done before 11.

i love accomplishing stuff!

but being hot sucks.

stay cool.

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