Jun 4, 2006

It's Hot. Africa Hot.

And actually, those in Africa would say "bloody hell, it's hot.

and i have finished Trailer Parking our windows.

ye-ha, Maw.

see, in our lovely abode, our windows are on the south & north sides of the apartment. Kitchen & sliding door on the north, bedrooms on the south. And, of course when it's hot (like now), the master bedroom & office-slash-scrapbook room are gawdawful.

so, last year, when Hubbs was working nights (as opposed to now, working swing!), i put aluminum foil in the bedroom window. It may sound tacky, but it really was a win-win for us: it kept the room dark when he slept during the day, and kept a lot of the heat out.

fast forward to 2006. i've gone whisky-tango again. But this time, i foiled up the windows in both rooms. i've got the window fans in both bedrooms..It cooled down the office within 20 minutes. Dang! It worked.

of course, i do have one itty bitty problem. i have the window fan in the office, but no screen. Seems that it flipped out & is now resting comfortably on the roof of the carport, which both bedrooms overlook. So...When night falls (or i finish scrapping for the night), i'll have to take the fan out of the window, and close the window.

things are fixed quickly 'round here.

the Hubbs, is currently out in Pomona at the car swap meet. He absolutely loves this place. Goes with a good friend of his & spends hours looking at all kinds of car parts, accessories, and whatever else. i went one time, and yes, was bored out of my skull. The one bright spot was the lady who was selling 70's era Barbies.

the guys were bored. Ha! Tit for tat.

Pomona is hell in the summer. It's at the base of the mountains here so the heat just sits. Matter of fact, the L.A. County Fair is held at the Fairplex in Pomona in September. September is the hottest month of them all.

this is why i only go to the Orange County Fair. In July. near the coast.

bought the 2005 version of "The Producers" yesterday, and am watching it now. The movie was OK, but the stage version was totally hysterical. i think it's just because i didn't like Uma in the movie. Oh well...i love the original cast in the movie, and Gary Beech & Roger Bart both make me laugh hard.

"What is that enchanting cologne you're wearing?" - Roger DeBris
"Me? I'm not wearing any cologne." - Leo Bloom
"You mean that smell is you?! OH! If I could bottle you, I'd shove you under my armpits every day. - Roger DeBris
close up on Leo (who is quite stressed)pulling his blue blankie out of his pocket.

You really need to see it to appreciate it.

Stay cool. I gotta go laugh some more.

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