Jun 4, 2006

Back to Valley Forge

Leaving tomorrow to go back to my company's office in Valley Forge, PA. And altho' i hate the thought of that l-o-n-g flight, the bright spot is i may actually get to see something besides the office!

My boss just called, to tell me she would bring exercise clothes if i would. OK whatever. Tomorrow, we'll eat at the King of Prussia mall, which is supposed to be faboo. We passed by it every day, heading to the office and it's HUGE! Then, we'll leave the office early one day & go to Hershey...it's only 90 minutes from work.

So maybe it won't be as horrible as it was last time. Too much work, and not enough time to get anything accomplished, except not sleep.

And yes - i AM bringing Tylenol PM this time. Just in case insominia makes a return engagement.

Also i could have heat stroke, but i don't think it's as hot today as it was yesterday. Either that or my "trailer park fixin' up" is working. Who knows.

So - i don't promise to post, but i will try to get more pictures. Prayers for me, the nervous flier, please.

Talk to you soon - i'm bi-coastal, now!

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Doug Bagley said...

Ah, I'd love to visit Valley Forge, but then I was a History Major so go figure, lol. Have a safe and uneventful flight.