Jun 14, 2006

i love people.

really, i do.

but there are times...and lately more oft than not, where i SO want to be a hermit living on top of some mountain.

for starters...

within the last three weeks, i've traveled to Philadelphia for work twice: once for two days, the last time for an entire week. we're assisting another office, and with my current job, i am an expert on what they need to get them out of their jam.


apparently one of my peers complained that i was getting "favored nation" treatment. so next week, one of the peers is going.

i'm actually OK with that. yes, i have developed a rapport with this office. and yes, i do know my job almost better than anyone.


why is it that our society is so hung up on what is fair? let's face it: life ain't fair. people deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of anything.

but life ain't fair. and sometimes you just have to run with it. my grandma used to say "the wheel goes round & round, and soon the fly on top is the fly on the bottom."

then came tonight.

as i was leaving some work for a night crew member, his cube mate asks me how the trip was, then says he's going to Philadelphia next week. so i respond with good for you! are you going on vacation?

no. (he says) i just don't want you to think you're special.

what th'...

yes, he really said that. you just can't make this kind of crap up.

this guy is a mean person anyways. before, anytime i would say something to his supervisor, the excuse was "oh, he's just trying to be funny."

i ain't laughing.

OK, now today wasn't a good day. i've spent all day working on a spreadsheet that i cannot make work right so i can create a schedule for this office. all day. i accomplished nothing, after being at work for 10+hours.

i go to my parents, and my step-pop is cranky, and says things that are just mean.

frankly, i just ain't in the mood.

and on my drive home, Keith Urban's "Tonight I Wanna Cry" comes on.

and so i do.

just not a good day.

but i love people. still.


doodlebugmom said...

awwww..sorry your day sucked!

cyber (((HUGGGSS))))

We both know thay guy in the office is a jerk. And I know you are special! You got to go FIRST! hehehe.


Becky said...

*BIG hugs*

Sounds like your week was as crappy as mine. So glad your photos weren't gone. Communication - it's a good thing!

Valley Forge is nice. I've been there only once but really liked it there. I hope your snarky co-worker gets stung by a bee while he's there. :-)